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Question on Category
I am using W XP and Q 2010. I am the treasurer of a small social organization but do not have a financial background. Occasionally we run events that bring us income to finance some of our charitable activities. One of the things we do at these events is sell soda and water. The previous treasurer set up 2 catego... 2 Aug 2010 10:18
Where is the "Manual Match" option
I'm probably being dense but I cannot find Manual Match. I've searched and searched. I'm using Quicken 2010. Thanks, Joe ... 1 Aug 2010 10:28
accounts selected in OSU not sticking
H&B 2008 XP SP3 I have several bank & investment accounts plus 3 paypal accounts in my file - all setup in OSU. About 2 months ago the PayPal accounts are no longer are selected each time I open OSU. As a result I have to manually to select these accounts each time I run OSU. How do I get Quicken to incl... 30 Jul 2010 21:49
Mint: what's with Citibank & INGDirect?
Since Mint merged with Quicken (grin) I thought this was on topic. I started playing with Mint yesterday, both on PC and iPhone. That is neat of course, that you can acces easily from either. However, I couldn't get my Citibank accounts or my INGDirect account to load into the Mint account. Both keep giving... 29 Jul 2010 08:33
Payment on credit card is registering as a charge in quicken
I am using Quicken Premier 2010. I pay my credit card online through my checking account. Quicken correctly records the payment in my checking account, and shows the payment in the credit card account as a payment, but added it to the balance due rather than subtract it. I have used quicken for ten years or ... 12 Aug 2010 08:10
Quicken Find programming has changed?
Hi all: Somewhere along the line the Find function has changed in my QD2010 program. Where the Find function used to do its search in the same field (e.g., Payee, Category, etc.) in which the cursor was located, it now searches in "All fields" irrespective of the cursor's position. Did an update make this chan... 1 Aug 2010 11:33
Budget Reports: Assigning monthly amount to category instead of to each subcategory?
I'm using Quicken 2010 Premier,and I'm trying to create a budget and a set of reports. I would like separate budget reports that hide and show subcategories (from a report: Customize, Advanced tab) For obvious reasons, I prefer to develop budgets at the category level as much as possible. When I run a budget... 28 Jul 2010 00:57
Default program for ...OFX.DAT file?
Q2010 uses file extension .DAT, but other programs, such as NERO use the same extension. Apparently, Q2010 uses .DAT to log qfx, ofx updates. Other programs grab .DAT as well, for example VideoLAN. In XP Control Panel, Appearance and Themes, File Folder, what program should be associated with Quicken's DAT fil... 27 Jul 2010 22:47
Restart Accounts after 11 months away.
Simple question. I have been overseas for nearly a year and wish to "draw a line" under my previous bank account records and start again for the next financial year. What is the best way to do this without having to reconcile nearly 12 months of bank statements? ... 30 Jul 2010 15:11
Merging data of two accounts
I recently changed computers and moved my Money data to Quicken I now have one checking account with a negative balance that has all of my data from Money with the historical entries as to check # amount and to whom,and the same account with current balance connected to bank but without the historic data. Short of... 22 Jul 2010 21:18
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