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reading text files
Is there a way in sas to put the contents of a text file to a macro variables without using a data step or a proc import step? My text file contains a single number and I have a lot of files like that. I am trying to create a macro to read all the files and use it. Pleas let me know if there is a way. ... 9 Jul 2010 19:26
Newbie Interview question
Hi, Dont know whether it is applicable here or not. But i have come across a situation where people ask what was the most difficult activity performed in your last project or what are the challenges you faced here ? I work in production environment and this is my first project. We are not allowed to touch scr... 8 Jul 2010 14:43
Execute command stored in variable
Hi, I wrote a macro to iterate over words in a string: %MACRO forallStr(str,command,sep=' '); %LET _i=1; %DO %WHILE (%QSCAN(&str,&_i,&sep) NE); %LET _x=%QSCAN(&str,&_i,&sep); DATA _NULL_; CALL EXECUTE("&command"); RUN; %LET _i=%EVAL(&_i+1); %END; %MEND; The only problem now is that I can... 8 Jul 2010 04:48
by Group trick,merge data
Hi, Suppose that I have the following file datasource brand quarter sale 1 toyota 1977q1 15 1 toyota 1977q2 25 1 toyota 1977q3 35 1 ford 1977q1 45 1 ford 1977q2 55 1 ford 1977q3 65 2 toyota 1977q1 15 2 ... 12 Jul 2010 14:02
Multiple position - Technical Lead -- Lake Forest CA - 12 Months Contract
(Please note: If you are interested in this position and you have all skills experience which mentioned in requirement, so please update your resume as per the requirement and reply me) Hi, Hope you are doing well, Please find this Requirement of our Direct Client, if it looks interested please reply me ASA... 7 Jul 2010 16:46
Print Settings
For some reason, when I print out my output, part of the right side of the output gets cut off. I have uploaded the a PDF of my output, which can be access at: So this output is a proc GLM, if you notice on top next to my F- value, the pr>... 7 Jul 2010 18:59
Logic - Data restructure
Dear all: This is the dataset i have .. pat vis dt 1 1 11FEB2010 1 2 13FEB2010 1 3 14FEB2010 2 1 11MAR2010 2 2 06MAR2010 2 3 20MAR2010 3 1 05MAY2010 3 2 08MAY2010 3 3 12MAY2010 3 4 10MAY2010 I am trying to get to this dataset with a flag vari... 7 Jul 2010 16:46
explode tails of histogram
Hi, I'm generating a histogram with the following code and need help in controlling the vertical axis. Would like to graph from 0 to 1 percent. title 'ge (SAS)'; legend2 FRAME CFRAME=ligr CBORDER=black POSITION=center; proc capability data=hold.sas_ge noprint; histogram LOG_RET / cframe = ligr ... 7 Jul 2010 11:15
Data Integration Studio: Why does SCD type 2 loader just updates one row for type 1 columns
I am using the SCD type 2 loader in Data Integration Studio. The problem is that when I have a column in the 'Type 1 Columns' tab, that this columns is not updated for all the rows with matching business key. This is also stated in the SAS Help: 'Use the Type 1 Columns tab to specify columns that are always upda... 7 Jul 2010 06:51
graphs in a report
hallo all i need help i have to make a report that includes a table and the relative graph. i have a mavro that make the table and the report (with proc report), and another macro that make the graph.. how can i combne them? thanks ... 7 Jul 2010 05:46
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