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Setup advice
I have an Athlon64 3200+, nVidia nForce3 mobo, 1 gig DRAM and 6800GT nVidia video. WindowsXP Pro. Two HHD's in RAID+0 at the moment and I am going to wipe them and make them non RAID since it is too many problems to attempt dual boot with a RAID configuration. I have everything backed up twice to an external U... 3 Oct 2006 18:00
BCRaid progress
Greetings all, I was able to make just a tiny bit of progress in this regard. I have a clean install and was able to get the driver to load. This is what I did. Starting with the RaidCore Linux SDK ( ). Go to the bcraid directory -- ... 26 Sep 2006 14:53
dictaphone Olympus
Bonjour ? tous, Je viens d'acheter un dictaphone "Olympus" (Digital Voice Recorder VN 960PC). Je ne parviens pas ? le faire reconna?tre par Linux (RedHat 7.2), alors que j'ai par ailleurs une cl? USB reconnue sans probl?me sous /dev/sda1. Merci d'avance pour toute info ou tuyau pour me permettre d'exploiter sous... 16 Sep 2006 10:52
How to download Fedora 5 to DVD
Hi, I click the Fedora site to download it. The DVD image is FC4-i386-DVD.iso. But the link provided is for 4 CDs. Where can I find the DVD image? Thanks! Kang ... 15 May 2006 11:42
webdav error "undefined symbol: dav_core_find_liveprop"
Hi All, I'm trying to add mod_dav to my apache 2 installation as a DSO. I've run both /usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs -i -n dav_fs -a -c mod_dav_fs.c /usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs -i -n dav -a -c mod_dav.c successfully and it's added the folling two lines to my httpd.conf, LoadModule dav_module modules/mod_... 2 May 2006 06:56
Internal DNS Configuration
i need all your help... i want to put a domain, but the thing is the named services is started perfectly but when i try to connect to my windows client with the linux domain, then i get the error "Domain controller for the domain could not be contacted", if it works i must get the login screen, but i dont get th... 3 Apr 2006 08:08
Hi, I am a newby but a need to know something I think is quite complex. I need to setup the firewall IPTABLES on CentOS (Readhat). I wanted to know: 1) can I setup it from the conf file ? I see on the newsgroup that normally people use the command bar by typing the commands, but I would prefere to do it on the con... 27 Nov 2005 14:43
Kodak DVC325 webcam driver?
I have a Kodak web cam DVC325. It seems it requires a driver: SPCA501A I can't find out where to get this. I googled for it. Even yahoo'd. Just tried "Ask Jeeves" but could only find docs and lists of cameras that fit. Any ideas, hints or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. ... 19 Oct 2005 23:56
Switching to Linux, now what to buy?
Hello, I am now switching over to linux as a workstation. I'm at, but I have no idea what flavor of linux to buy. I see three pages of CD's I don't know much about the different flavors but long ago an SA... 26 Sep 2005 02:42
Building GLIBC-2.3.5
Hi, I try rebuilding GLIBC2.3.5 but after the command $ /usr/src/glibc/configure --disable-profile --enable-add-ons --enable- kernel=2.4.0 --with-binutils=/usr/local/bin I got the error configure:156: error: forced unwind support is required I don't know what is "forced unwind support" ? Thanks for exp... 11 Sep 2005 07:07
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