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What to expect with out-of-sync RAID devices?
Let a RAID-1 consist of two devices, set for autodetect (type 'fd'). Assume that they get out-of-sync, for instance when the system is booted with only one of the devices connected, and then the other device is written to. Now the system is booted with both devices connected again. Then a degraded array is asse... 2 Feb 2010 15:13
Not Kernel installable
Hi I try install Ubuntu server 09.04, after first part of installation, appears message that warning of: Dont kernel installable in APT source. What could be the problem? Thanks Regards ... 2 Feb 2010 15:13
searching old staroffice 5.1 and 5.2 mails
Hi to Everyone, I need to search old mails that I had received through StarOffice 5.1 and StarOffice 5.2. The mail files had the extension '.sdm'. One cannot edit them correctly with any text editor, StarOffice is needed for that. Today, that I run under Debian Lenny, no longer deals with mail... 25 Jan 2010 18:29
Microsoft Virtual PC settings for RHEL, best standards
I've been working from a home/gaming desktop, and running RHEL 4 and 5 under Microsoft Virtual PC. This is the fastest i386 environment I have to work with right now, so it's handy. Not so handy is the adventures to get it installed, and to deal with the clocks. In particular, I'm noticing really serious clock is... 24 Jan 2010 14:41
Graphics cards for Linux
I'm planning on putting together a new workstation, and would like to here some opinions on graphics cards. It will be a reasonably powerful machine (i7-860, most likely), and I'd like a fairly powerful graphics card to go with it (though I'm not aiming for extremes here). Support for two screens is a priorit... 2 Feb 2010 15:13
"make" command not found
most commands that I need are available but the "make" command cannot be found. Would there be any normal reason for that to happen? ... 2 Feb 2010 15:13
USB cable - why ?
I bought a cable (sold as an USB AM/AF extension chord).to plug into the back of my PC so I could read USB flash drives without having to get up and poke behind the cabinet. I can't see the USB drives under windows XP, but can read and write under linux. My linux wireless USB also works fine using this cable, in... 3 Feb 2010 13:59
Distribution with good background upgrade?
I want system upgrades to run in the background as far as possible; user interaction should only occur when it is really necessary. I'd even rather not have an icon pop up in the status bar: "updates are ready, want install?". No, the system should just install the updates. With current Ubuntu (i.e., 9.10) t... 19 Jan 2010 16:55
Fedora 12
Steve Hayes writes: Where can I dind a driver for it (Flatron W1542S)? Monitors don't need drivers. You just need to configure X properly. -- John Hasler jhasler(a) Dancing Horse Hill Elmwood, WI USA ... 21 Jan 2010 01:17
Automatize pressing of "YES" while doing ssh
Hi , I need to execute some commands remotely on a large number of hosts using ssh . passphraseless access is setup between the clients and all the remote hosts . The command looks like this . for i in {1..28} ; do ssh -i /home/zaman/.ssh/id_rsa rabbit-p $ <some command> ; done Since I ha... 19 Jan 2010 04:39
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