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Open LDAP problem
Hi all, I have setup O.LDAP and samba on SuSE. when i try to set policies (password) the YAST tools won't work so then i found this "pdbedit" to set policies. Really nice one. My problem is.. i need to force my users (every one) to change their default passwords at the first login. But there is no way i can do... 6 Jan 2010 08:41
Linux along with Windows booted from USB Stick (Co-existence of Linux & Windows)
Hi, I need Windows for certain applications and Linux for certain other applications. But, the computer currently has only Linux(Ubuntu Destop version - 9.10) on it. I do not wish to disturb the Linux installed on it. So, i am trying to have Windows via USB stick !! :-) I am following the below steps for Win... 23 Jan 2010 16:33
HELP no more Xwindows! cannot open sharedobject
On Mon, 04 Jan 2010 10:30:59 -0500, Ohmster <root(a)dev.nul.invalid> wrote: and files from. My original disk is VolGroup00 as an lvm disk and Fedora man vgrename. May need to edit /etc/fstab before rebooting, if it's still using /dev/mapper/??? entries, instead of labels or uuids. will install to the new ... 6 Jan 2010 11:55
IRQ assigning for PCI card in SMP linux system ( Dual core )
Hi All, For my PCI card i can able to read the IRQ line in single core system, using PCI_INTERRUPT_LINE.And using that IRQ line i am getting Interrupts But on SMP systems, i can albe to read IRQ line but i am not getting Interrupts.....because... the assigned IRQ is not equal to which i have requested.... 6 Jan 2010 11:55
[fc9] HELP no more Xwindows! cannot open shared object
I was trying to update firefox and ran into some fc6 rpms installed on my fc9 platform so I could not update firefox. As it turns out, firefox itself was an fc6 rpm! So this time I updated the fc6 file that was causing the problem, as well as the yelp fc6 file that was stopping me from doing that, in est, this... 3 Jan 2010 20:27
Troll Distribution -- current status
My aim is to build a troll distribution. The Linux From Scratch way seems the best tool. My first problem was to create a new partition on my harddrive. Thanks to ubuntu I have masterd it. Together with gparted I have now 5 different partitions: ext3 = 2 GB FAT16 = 50 MB minix = 20 MB ext3 = 200 ... 3 Jan 2010 05:07
gcc installation problems
Hi, Thanks group for your help in advance. I am running Fedora 12 on an i686 machine and I am attempting to install gcc-4.4.2-20.fc12.i686 either with the Add/Remove Software program or yum so that I can compile some programs from source. I end up getting the error message: glibc=2.11-2 needed by glibc-devel-2.... 6 Jan 2010 08:41
GRUB Error 17
I have the following partition table: /dev/sda1 ext3 /dev/sda3 FAT16 /dev/sda5 Linux Swap My idea was to hide the ext3 Partition and boot from FAT16. In GRUB menu.lst I edit "title MS-DOS" "hide (hd0,0)" After execution grub seems to hide the /dev/sda1 forever, on every hardwareboot I get ... 31 Dec 2009 16:32
Parted without Knoppix
I have Ubuntu installed. I wanna change the partition size (shrink down to have space for a fat16 partition). I know, that "parted" is the right tool for me because it holds my files on disk. If i start "parted" i get the message: /dev/sda1 is busy, please unmount Ok, i know the conflict: I've booted ubuntu o... 30 Dec 2009 12:00
Keyboard re-mapping
McSwell wrote: I have for years used a home-made keyboard remapping program under Windows, which allows me to map control keys (actually, the caps-lock + alphabetic keys) to cursor control keys. Try seeking help in comp.os.linux.development.system Very, very little spam and real posts about this sort of... 30 Dec 2009 02:15
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