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Windows messages
Win32 C using VS v6.0 In my program left-hand clicks with the mouse produce WM_LBUTTONDOWN messages in the expected manner. If I click repeatedly, but not too fast, then every click produces a WM_LBUTTONDOWN message. However, if I click repeatedly at a moderate speed (as though one were clicking a scrol... 15 Mar 2010 07:52
how to disable cpu c state from application or
Hi all, Does anyone know how to disable cpu c state from application or driver? Because we have low performance issue when cpu went to C3 state. But in some bios there is no option to disable cpu c state (or c3 state) Thanks a lot! ... 17 Mar 2010 04:40
Is Win32 dead?
This newsgroup seems to have less postings or questions from programmers than I remembered years ago. Does that mean that people have switched to a more common programming API and/or language??? What is everyone using nowadays?? ... 18 Apr 2010 21:56
Excel Solver from C++/COM
Hi, We would like to use Excel Solver from C++/COM. Arew there any COM API for this? Thanks and Regards, Avinash ... 13 Mar 2010 09:44
Catching hardware exceptions
Here's another really, really obscure question. Any illumination will be gratefully appreciated. My app is using the Posix subsystem, Interix. I want to catch certain null dereferences so I can emulate them in software and continue. On a normal Unix I'd use sigaction with SA_SIGINFO for this; when the derefere... 13 Mar 2010 11:57
Adjust the client rect FOR REAL is impossible!
Anyone know a way? AdjustWindowRect doesnt get close to doing the job. Just create the window with the adjust rect rectangle and so call get client rect to see, it never is what you want, it sucks, because is important have a expected client rect to set directX buffers in the most perfect way possible. Why the... 16 Mar 2010 18:34
C runtime library function 'remove(path)' does work
> Can anyone explain this behavior? Yes, thank you. And you can be among our number when you read about filesystem tunelling. MSKB 172190 is your friend. ... 18 Mar 2010 17:46
How to get function Name against function address of vtable?
Hello, I need to call the co-class function by reading its address from vtable of COM exposed interface methods. I need some generic way to read addresses. Now I need to call the function, which would have specific address(NOT KNOWN) arguments(parameters) which I have collected from TLB, and name as well. How... 12 Mar 2010 06:06
C runtime library function 'remove(path)' doesn't work
My app, written in C++ (Visual Studio 2005) fails to delete a file, yet gives no error. This is occurring with the C runtime library function 'remove(path)'. // create file using fopen(path,"wb+") and write to it // close file err=remove(path); // err is always 0, meaning successful removal // If I set a breakp... 13 Mar 2010 19:47
How to check whether received page is from cache or fresh page
Hi, I want to determine, whether requested webpage is a cached page or fresh page from server. Is there any way to determine it using php. Regards, Anurag ... 12 Mar 2010 02:50
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