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Sharing Data Between Processes
I'm creating my own sort of command prompt which requires that the programs executed through it are able to communicate with the console, so that these programs can actually have the console display something. The method I'm thinking of requires direct communication between processes, but the only way I can think o... 11 May 2010 11:09
System("..") without flicker
Hello, if I make a system("...") call under C from a GUI-Windows-Program to start e.g. a console program then the screen flickers. Example: system("compiler.exe arg1 arg2"); As I've seen from other programs a flicker free call is possible so that it seems that the called program works in the backgrounds. ... 3 Jun 2010 10:01
credential provider question
I have an XP GINA I wrote which displays graphics in a window before login time - so the user doesn't have to log in to see the video. Works great. I pass through all the login stuff to Windows default GINA. Now I need to do the same with a Credential Provider, I guess, for Windows 7 (we skipped vista). I w... 6 May 2010 10:45
Any way to validate data of a wmf file?
We have certain WMF files which do not appear on an internet explorer web page. There is a huge database of such records, but only some files (or records) have the issue. However we've observed that if we convert the problematic wmf files to jpeg format and make it appear on the page, we are able to see the image. ... 7 May 2010 01:19
Obtain Window Handle & Send a variable to it
Hello I have something to do that is a little complex to explain but I'll try to explain it as clearly as possible. But I REALLY need some help with this, I have been trying to find a solution for ages. Explanation: I have a Win32 control that I have made that right now is similar to a list box(its a white re... 6 May 2010 16:30
Application disappears without any crash dump
Hi All, We have a VC++ application (Native) developed in VSTS 2008. Sometimes the application just vanishes without showing any crash dialog (The default Windows Error Handler dialog) or generating any crash dump. This happens in many systems which have identical installation, Windows XP (SP3) with Windbg instal... 7 May 2010 12:14
wlan Info
Hi, I want to collect some information Related to wireless on my laptop(xp) such as: RadioInfo,bytes transmitted and received,signal quality,error rate etc. I tried WlanQueryInterface but Radio and bytes info is not supported for seems. Can anyone tell me any other method to find these values T... 6 May 2010 06:21
Detecting console window minimize
Is there any way to handle WM_SIZE for a console application? I'd like to minimize to the system tray, but I first need to detect when the user has minimized the window. ... 10 May 2010 04:25
SQL Server Express vs. sqlite
Hello all, does anybody have experience with the relative performance of these two RDB engines? All I need is a local database. Currently my (Python) app uses the sqlite3 module, but as the database grows, speed slowly becomes a factor. The database contains several tables, the largest of which has some 7M ent... 4 May 2010 14:33
Updating partition tables
Hello, I wrote a program which modifies partition tables (MBR an Extended boot records). It works well but the problem is that if I modify partition tables (eg.: create/delete a partition), Windows simply ignores the changes changes until I reboot my PC. I think partition tables are cached in memory. So is there a ... 6 May 2010 13:03
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