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Child process not inheriting current directory
Hi there, I'm having trouble with child processes not inheriting their parent's 'current' directory. This is seen from the command line, as well as when I use scripts to execute shell commands. I can reproduce this in a command window as follows: (Start a command window) C:\Documents and Settings\hartbr... 1 Jun 2010 10:50
Make a specific area on a HDC transparent
Hello I am trying to find a Win32 function/way that can allow me to erase a HRGN from a HDC. What I am doing is double buffering; so I copy the window HDC to a buffer HDC, then I delete/erase a specific area of the buffer HDC, then draw what I need to. But I dont know how to erase a specific area of a HDC?.... 27 May 2010 20:22
Need to know about good C++ Reflection API (For RuntimeType Identification -RTTI and runtime calling)
Hello, I need to know about good C++ Reflection API(Would be better if Microsoft API is available) which enables me to determine the types(classes,structs,enums,ints,float,doubles...)identification at runtime, declaring them and finally to call methods on those types at run time too. Regards Usman ... 27 May 2010 19:15
CreateProcessAsUser from SYSTEM account
i want to launch my UI Program without UAC with high integrity level called by my service app(system account). how can it be possible? (it must be same priviledge and token between UAC and no-UAC) ... 29 May 2010 07:03
Same RGB different color
I have an application where the main window fills its background in case WM_PAINT by HBRUSH BlueBrush = CreateSolidBrush(RGB(33,63,92)); FillRect(hdcMem,&rect,BlueBrush); Over that I load a bitmap and BitBlt() it into the center of the window. The bitmap was created in Paintshop in plain .bmp format and use... 25 May 2010 06:55
Ways to save an audio stream as a sound file?
I've been toying with a possibility of saving an Internet podcast type stream as a sound file. I know that the established way is to play it with your media player and capture the sound off the speakers, but I want to write an app to bypass it and do it directly. What would be the means to do it? I'd appreciate if ... 30 May 2010 04:41
Control transparency
Hello guys, I got refered here from daniweb on the control transparency subject. I like dynamic forms, so I wanna to transition between a 'register' and 'mange' interface by rearranging the controls that the previous dialog had, all on the same panel, creating the necessary controls when phasing into one dialo... 22 May 2010 06:13
64bit libraries
I´m doing the very first steps towards 64bit programming. So far just checking out how it would work. I´ve managed to install the MinGW64 Compiler Suite on Windows7 64bit, now I´m trying to find the fitting libraries. Elsewhere on the web I found some notes about filenames including the number "32" such as "kernel... 21 May 2010 07:17
Determining the user name of a named pipe requester.
Hello, I have an application that runs as a number of Microsoft Windows services. One service is designed to accept a connection, via a named pipe (server-side), and to execute a command issued over the named pipe, by a user. This design has worked well for many years now. I now have a requirement to provid... 22 May 2010 03:01
Show Folder in Explorer and select a File
Hi, how can I show a directory in an exlorer window and make a certain file selected (and scroll to it if necesarry). The reason for this: I create this file in my programm and want the user to be able to do with it whatever he wants without having to search it. Thanks Wolfgang ... 20 May 2010 13:52
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