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U++ 2361 released
Website: Download: U++ is BSD licensed C++ cross-platform rapid application development suite focused on programmers productivity without sacrificing runtime performance. What is new in version 2361: theide: * Packages now sorted ... 4 May 2010 10:04
Drawing a flowchart
Hi there: Does anyone know that if there is any easy-to-use tool to draw a program flowchaet? is there any software in MS Office can do it ? Thanks ... 5 May 2010 16:01
ANN: Seed7 Release 2010-05-02
Hello, I have released a new version of Seed7: seed7_05_20100502.tgz In the Seed7 programming language new statements and operators can be declared easily. Types are first class objects and therefore templates/generics need no special syntax. Object orientation is used when it brings advantages and not in plac... 2 May 2010 16:27
Detect USB device insertion
Has anyone come up with some code to detect the insertion of a USB drive? I found some C++ code, but it's too complicated for me to convert to asm and it also requires an external msvcr71.dll file. I disassembled it with IDA, but the source is rather large. My intent is to write it in Win32 assembly. Tha... 2 May 2010 02:19
Unicode still
Hello The project is compiled in UNICODE (VC6) I have a WCHAR buffer that contains a mix between cyrillic and western characters. If i display that buffer in a listview or if i use MessageBox the buffer is correctly displayed. But if i put that buffer in an edit with SetDlgItemText the cyrillic characters a... 1 May 2010 06:33
Creating an Internet Explorer-style Toolbar
Hello. I have been following the internet explorer style toolbar at the link below. .. . . . I have managed to implement everything with the help of the MSDN toolbar example, apart from the section . . . . . .. . . ."Handling Navigation with Menu... 29 Apr 2010 15:47
Creating an Internet Explorer-style Toolbar
Hello, I have been trying the implement the "Creating an Internet Explorer-style Toolbar" tutorial at the link below. . . . . . My last post was a bit messy and may have been confusing. I have been able to implement everything a part from the s... 1 May 2010 15:24
Findreplace Dialog
I've compiled the editor example from the book Ch. Petzold "The definitive Guide to the Win32 API" and it works. But: The find (also replace) dialog is unable to find or replace in up direction even if you choose the up direction button. It goes only from the cursor in down direction and at the end of the text... 29 Apr 2010 08:58
Menu Style Toolbar Behaviour?
Hello, I noticed that when using the BTNS_DROPDOWN style, so when one clicks the toolbar button a menu is displayed, "does not" behave like the standard window menu. When using the standard menu, one clicks on the menu item, and the menu displays "automatically" when the mouse moves(hovers) over each/next m... 30 Apr 2010 16:16
Spy++ Source Code
Hi, does anyone know where I can get the source code to the VS Spy++ utility. Thanks ... 28 Apr 2010 23:06
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