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CD 2???
Just ran sfc/scannow on an XPSP3 laptop. I placed the SP3 CD in the drive and at the end of the scan it asked for CD2. Never encountered this before. What is CD2? -- "Don't pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he'll just kill you." ... 4 May 2010 17:59
Controlling Sequence In Which Applications Are Shut Down?
"(PeteCresswell)" <x(a)y.Invalid> wrote in news:9qo0u5hmesnltu219d19r2lhq8jlh4ltmp(a) I just ran into a situation where: - I was connecting to a PC remotely using something called "TeamViewer" - I upgraded MS Office to 2007 - The Office install had to re-booted the PC - Duri... 4 May 2010 15:43
Uninstall N-lite
Since I used N-lite to slipstream SP3 into WindowsXP I hope this is an appropriate group for this question. How do I uninstall the N-lite program properly? I have Revo Uninstaller, but it doesn't show N-lite on my system. A web search offers me an N-Lite uninstaller for $19.00. Any other way to uninstall this p... 7 May 2010 12:17
Drive letter still there but says not formatted now
Weird. D: appears to be still there but when I click on it, it says drive is unformatted, do you want to format? Any ideas how to fix this? If I do choose to format, what are the chances of recovering files that were on there before format? ... 10 May 2010 05:31
Deleting index.dat files
Can someone recommend a good freeware index.dat file remover for XP/IE8? ... 4 May 2010 17:59
Where the hell is Scandisk?
redGTO(a) said this on 5/4/2010 2:58 AM: I just started using XP. I was using Windows 98. I want to check my drive to be sure it has no errors before I run Defrag. I have always been told to run Scandisk before Defrag. Well, I just tried and can not find scandisk. I tried to run it from START ... 11 May 2010 08:57
MSCTF.dll was not found
hello. first time here. At startup, an error "CTFMON.EXE - unable to locate component. this application has failed because MSCTF.dll was not found. re-installing the application may fix the problem". My pc is slow, sluggish and programmes slow to respond. I don't have a virus, nor any malware, etc. I downloaded... 4 May 2010 09:00
Missing Network Connections items
Something has gotten corrupted in my network connection services. When I click on Control Panel>>Network Connections, I am missing Local Area Connection, Wifi Connection and New Connection and Network Setup Wizards. I also no longer see the LAN & Wifi icons in the tray, so I am unable to get to Local Area and W... 6 May 2010 20:58
Need to test a mobo - how?
I had a power surge about 3 weeks ago - lost a drive, now making ticking noises. I had another two drive that seem to work sporadically now. So, I thought it might have been my power supply. Bought a tester and found out that all seems well. Next, I bought a new hard drive and found that it was also acting up - ... 3 May 2010 17:37
Undo batch rename
Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info?) In windows XP, we can rename a group of files in the same time now. Just select multiple files and select "Rename" from right click menu, you can see all the file you selected can be rename in the same time. But, if you single click anoth... 2 May 2010 17:36
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