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Can't post question to MS community using IE8
I can not post a question to MS communities after signing on to MS communities with IE8 through Charter High Speed cable internet. I get a double clicking sound but no post window. However, if I sign on through AOL 9.1 everything works OK. Why can't I and what do I do to post to MS communities through IE8? ... 15 May 2010 13:44
Will imaging to a larger C drive work?
My old C drive is 54gb. I already have My Documents on a larger drive but my program files are close to filling up the C. If I buy a larger drive, have someone just do a straight image of the existing C into the first 50GB of the new drive, will XP SP3 boot up ok? ... 22 May 2010 17:08
Folder Sort Order keeps changing
For some unknown reason, somewhwere after mid-April my folder sort order is messed up. Normally I have the sort order set to alphabetical, which is applied to all folders, however now, the sort order keeps changing. The predominate sort is a reverse alphabetical order (Z to A), however I also get other sorts ... 18 May 2010 15:55
Command Line/Script to Remove/Uninstall Program that can only be removed from Add or Remove Programs
Hello all, I need to come up with a command line/script to uninstall a program that can only be removed from Add or Remove Programs. Can anyone point me in the right direction to websites/tutorials/walk-thru's. Thanks for any help anyone can provide, Conan Kelly --------------------------- "Smok... 14 May 2010 19:26
Silverlight 4
I went to to to download and install Silverlight but it says my OS\Browser is unsupported. I have XP SP3 with Firefox 3.6.3. Is Silverlight no longer supported for XP? ... 14 May 2010 12:50
Internet Security measures in XP/SP3
I have not been able to locate any list of the Internet security features included in SP3 as against the previous versions of XP: SP1 and SP2. I discovered a new feature in O E 8 after installing SP3. There is a Spam Folder and it appears as if any message from a party who is not in my Address Book is sent ... 14 May 2010 19:26
Why I get always two shortcuts for one "Create Shortcut" request?
I only request one desktop shortcut of a web page I like, yet I end up with two though only one of them works. The other one has only a General tab, without the Web Document tab and URL. I only noticed this recently. ... 13 May 2010 22:41
Shared folder goes offline
I have a shared folder on a laptop and I'm trying to access it from a desktop. Sometimes this is possible and sometimes the shared folder is "inaccessible", even if the laptop is not hibernating. Both OSes are WinXP Pro. How do I solve this problem? ... 14 May 2010 03:01
Is defraging necessary?
I was told by a computer repairman that it's not necessary to defrag my laptop. If the hard drive gets full, remove files and always make sure I'm using a virus protection. What are your thoughts? ... 19 May 2010 14:56
No cursor on Google query line, update
Markk...just found this today...05/13/10... what, a year+ later? I have been trying to figure this out for six weeks, just after upgrading to IE7 --- never had the problem before that. And like you, couldn't find an answer anywhere. Thank you very much for posting this...checked the minute I saw it and, yep, ther... 13 May 2010 12:43
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