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> You seem blissfully unaware of the market the Behringer amps are aimed at.
> Get a clue why don't you.
> Phildo

Oh dear. You've just destroyed a long-cherished xenophobic stereotype.
We all thought it was only the septics who are oblivious to irony ....


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> > ** A new Chevin Research Q6 self destructed during ordinary bench
> > ( the amp was not a faulty example).
> >
> > Easy to get smoke pouring out of the AC supply transformer inside a
> > PM1.5 during ordinary bench testing.
> >
> > Point is - bench testing often exceeds what amps experience in normal
> > operation with music program.
> >
> >
> >
> > ...... Phil

The handful of chevins in my inventory has performed flawlessly apart from a
defective fan and fan controller in an A6000.. Oh.. The amp *did* overheat
and shut down, but no damage was done.. New fans and a FET and it was
working fine again..

Fwiw: I have had several amps from respected manufacturers ( Crown among
others ) blow up right out of the box.. Not even during bench testing..