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Employee time punch form
I have a table containing two fields - Employee_ID and Time_Stamp. I've already created a form that scans in Employee_IDs; and once any Employee_ID is scanned in, the ID and scanned time is recorded to the table. In addition to what it already does, the form needs to populate the employee's punch time records for... 2 Jun 2010 08:44
Albert D Kallal's Ribbon Code
I have succeeded in using Albert D Kallal's brilliant code to control a Ribbon on a form. The only problem I cannot solve is how to make some buttons invisible when the form loads. If I put the meRib("btSearch").visible = False in Form_Active or Form_Current, I get the runtime error '2475' - you entered an expr... 1 Jun 2010 16:25
Multi Value Combo Boxes
Hello: One of the new features of Access 2007 (sometimes criticized) is the ability to create a table field as "Allow Multiple Values" using the Lookup Wizard when specifying the data type. This shows the values with a checkbox and allows the user to select multiple items (i.e. select CA, OR, WA as states in ... 1 Jun 2010 21:55
Sorting Combo box items
If someone could tell me how to sort the contents of a combo box in 2007 it would be much appreciated. ... 1 Jun 2010 14:12
BoundColumn property
Can someone please explain in layman terms, the purpose of BoundColumn in ComboBox in terms of viewing two columns when dropped down and storing one value in the table and displaying different value in the form? I want to be able to see two columns in drop down mode, column 1 value stored in table and column... 1 Jun 2010 19:45
Using the second column of a lookup field in row source
I'm working on a form on a database in which I need to do a lookup on one combo box that contains two columns, and a followup combo box requires that I match something in the second column. So, basically, if I have Box A, which looks up a BoxA_ID column (column 1) and a BoxA_Value (column 2) column, I'd like to cr... 2 Jun 2010 03:20
Problem Delay and Slowly Running the Microsoft Access
Hi, I have created the program (a small program) with the Microsoft Access. This program has share with 4 person/user difference PC. One as a admin and the other as a user We used this program at the same time. We have problem when all of user and admin running the program together, the program to be slowly an... 3 Jun 2010 08:57
How to use dynamic query in Access 2007 Form?
Dear Friends, I have a table named "class_grades" and with the fields of "First Name", "Last Name", "Age", "Math", "Physics", "Computer" and "State". I would like to build an Access form with dynamic query... 1. For the age and state, it's "drop_down select" 2. For the Math, Physics and Computer, I can enter the n... 2 Jun 2010 09:50
Form Scroll Bar
This is a weird one. I have a subform that is a datasheet. The vertical scroll bar does not display a bottom arrow. In fact when I scroll down through about 2000 records, to get to the bottom, I drag the slider off the form and it still keeps scrolling. Dragging the slider to the bottom of the visible scrol... 1 Jun 2010 00:03
read/write for some users, read only form others
I have a database at work which I built in Access 2007, but then had to save it as a Access 2003 mdb format. The database was then placed on a NAS server and split. The front end was then placed on local users PC's, some of which have Access 2003. I now want to restrict write access to some users and only allow... 1 Jun 2010 06:29
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