From: GS on
> But their report on
> Avast also says it doesn't block all outbound traffic.

I didn't think this was an issue since I know what the outbound content
is. Maybe the fact that my network itself is firewalled played a part
in my decision, but I was already using Avast before I setup my

To each their own is what works!

From: MM on
On Thu, 6 May 2010 12:03:45 -0700, "Bob Butler" <noway(a)nospam.ever>

>"GS" <GS(a)> wrote in message
>> Bob Butler pretended :
>>> "MM" <kylix_is(a)> wrote in message
>>> news:vuu5u5tngd80e2uknfi4nganj4vgr71aul(a)
>>>> On Thu, 6 May 2010 07:36:01 -0700, "Bob Butler" <noway(a)nospam.ever>
>>>> I believe once they have sold it a million times and a million
>>>> potential customers are making their livelihoods from it, they lose
>>>> all rights to it. Or at least they lose the right to screw over those
>>>> million users within just a few years on the pretext of introducing
>>>> something new that turns out to be incompatible.
>>> I don't believe in punishing somebody for being successful. I don't
>>> think that MS should have any right to pursue somebody who came out with
>>> a source-compatible VB replacement given that they have abandoned it, but
>>> the VB6 compiler is their property and no matter how many people want it
>>> it is still their property.
>> I agree that the VB compiler is their 'property'. But that doesn't mean
>> they have to squander it if not using it; -they could sell it or even
>> donate it for the betterment of all. Hey.., maybe that qualifies it as
>> good criteria for a tax write off for the Gates Foundatation!<g>
>I wish they would; I hate that they've locked it away. I just totally
>disagree that they should be in any way forced to release it.

But why? They might be causing great financial hardship to millions of
coders, businesses and users, including (further) loss of employment
in the world's greatest recession since the 1930s. I think desperate
times need desperate measures, The Dow lost 1000 points at one point
during the early hours.

From: MM on
On Thu, 06 May 2010 15:52:43 -0400, GS <GS(a)>

>> I wish they would; I hate that they've locked it away. I just totally
>> disagree that they should be in any way forced to release it.
>Agreed! Maybe someone with some clout can persuade them that it would
>be good public relations and goodwill to step up. Maybe the folks at
>PowerBasic would be interested in having that compiler so their product
>could import/convert VB projects. (Just an idea!<bg>)

Or Borland could be revived so that we'd once again have Turbo Basic!

From: GS on
Karl E. Peterson was thinking very hard :
> GS wrote:
>>> It has been pointed out to me that MS also dropped NNTP support in Win7
>>> (Outlook Express). -mhd
>> Afaict: Windows Live Mail has a hybrid of Outlook Express, M$ Outlook, and
>> Live Messenger 'under the hood'. Seems that they just gave it a new face
>> and tacked on the Passport requirement. Doesn't require any special sign-on
>> to get news; -works same as OE <IMO>.
> It seems very similar, but I'm sick and tired of their games. In particular,
> I don't like that their readers will delete posts from the store when they
> expire on the attached server. Here's the one I've settled on, which is
> everything OE *could* have been, and more:

Yeah, I tried mesnews (along with several others) back when you first
told me about it. Otherwise, I'd still be using the web interface!<g>
As you can see by the header on my posts, mesnews won out over the
others. I liked Thunderbird as a replacement for OE/Live Mail, though,
so I might go with it for mail/calendar on my Win7x64 machine when I
switch over from this XP machine. I already have mesnews set up on the
new machine, along with Live Mail. I need to spend more time in Win7x64
to see what options I have for Instant Messaging since that's the
vehicle through which I provide Remote Assistance to my clients. I'm
sure there's an alternative; -I just don't know what that is right

>> As for the content of this thread:
>> I for one am most grateful to have been able to learn and grow in my VB6
>> development endeavors through reading the posts in this NG. Y'all will be
>> sadly missed for sure. Please know that my sincere thanks goes out to so
>> many of y'all for the amazing amount of help your posts have been. You may
>> not know the extent of this since I tend to only ask Qs when I can't find
>> answers already posted here.
>> Sadly, I feel I still have such a very long way to go yet and I fear losing
>> contact with many of you may be too much to bear. I hope a new location can
>> be established to keep Classic VB alive and well for some time yet. Just a
>> thought.., but how hard would it be for you, Karl, to host a forum on your
>> website? May sound daunting but your site is one of the reasons that I got
>> hooked on VB6 and so just seems to be the right place if your ISP supports
>> nntp. Anyway, -just a thought (however wishful it may be!).
> I'd like to, but I'm really not in a position to mirror usenet. (I'm not
> going to set up my own web forums, because I wouldn't have the patience to
> use them myself! <g>) I don't have a problem running a private newsserver,
> but turning it public just becomes a bit of an ordeal, I'm afraid.
> At any rate, I do think there are very viable options out there to continue
> this (and related) community. In fact, I'll probably try to get some
> linkage, and a little bit of commentary, going in a few places.

Well, I'm not surprised at your reply! Unfortunately, I don't know much
about the hooplah involved with such things. I hope that wherever this
NG ends up, I'll be welcome to tag along. There's just so much more VB6
I want to learn and this NG now plays a bigger roll in that process
than it did before I started using a newsreader, which was already a
huge part anyway.

From: senn on

"Karl E. Peterson" <karl(a)> skrev i meddelelsen
> The final insult they had left to deliver...
> Q: When will this transition be complete?
> A: Microsoft is closing newsgroups in phases and anticipates completing
> this by Fall 2010.
> Microsoft Responds to the Evolution of Communities
> --
> .NET: It's About Trust!

> The final insult
They will continue insulting on the forums. Here's what anybody
can expect on the forums, if going there.:

am locking this thread. This discussion was begun in July. It was answered.
I have deleted posts marked as abusive, which included inappropriate
language and name-calling and personal attacks.
Now it is devolving into bickering.
There is no place for this in the forums.


Lori Dirks
Expression Community Manager
lori [dot] dirks [at] microsoft

Lori Dirks

You're gone too far boy. And so Anna Ullrich !
For instance, your female colleague on her home site characterizes
Morten Rand Henriksen's for his propaganda as being Sadistic.

One might think that People having a jewish heritage did know to separate
what might
be appropriate to call sadistic behaviour, and what might not be Racism and
At least, there should be reason to suppose you've been learned by the story
and by you
parents and grandparents. And in fact, what's still going on these days.

Both of you have been acting on the social forum strong discriminative and
I'm the one to know this.

You'll do your part of the work of chasing people away from microsoft's
defective encumbered
products, that people the world over have seen in the latest decade.

Had you been under my command, you'd be called-in and advised of leaving for
a while,
taking some jobs as an ordinary handyman, learning something about life. I
see a lot in
the forum having this need. Apparently, sitten with the eye's staring into a
coding paper
makes sometimes this kind of people.

You're a very crude boy. And it's a sad reality, that someone could point
you to be a manager
and moderator in forums and elsewhere. This can only be caused by a very
young community in
the microsoft as a whole. Of same reason it probably won't have any value to
make a
complaining report.

In this roundings there were no abusive and bickering. Yet allowing yourself
to decide whoms
threads to delete, and whoms to lock-out from the forums, leaving the truely
abusive regulars

The abusive and bickering person were you !.
You're sticking you face far beyond acceptable.


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