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> Well, I've just fired up XNews and this group m.p.v.g.d contains
> 34,406 headers. It looks like the earliest date on Astraweb is 10 Sep
> 2008, so it wouldn't be possible to go back farther.

Each NNTP server has its own data retention configuration. Some have date
and storage limitation and start dropping older posts when these limits are
reached. MS servers keep posts for 3 months only. My ISP(Cox) goes back to
2005, including groups that I have not accessed before.

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>On Wed, 5 May 2010 01:21:07 +0200, "Henning"
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>>"Mike Williams" <Mike(a)> skrev i meddelandet
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>>> news:uMrJxi96KHA.2220(a)TK2MSFTNGP04.phx.gbl...
>>>>> Microsoft Responds to the Evolution of Communities
>>>> I like "make it easier for contributors to retain their influence" and
>>>> 'Perhaps most appealing is the notion that "we own the app"'. Any decent
>>>> real-VB-only alternatives?
>>> The comp.lang.basic.visual.misc group used to be very busy up until two or
>>> three years ago. I still check that group every day, but it doesn't get
>>> much traffic these days. It will probably start to get busy again soon if
>>> the Micro$oft control freaks go ahead with their plans to ditch this
>>> group.
>>> Mike
>>Moving to c.l.b.v.m will be easy, but what happens to all older posts in
>>this group? Will they still be available on some mirrors?
>Well, I've just fired up XNews and this group m.p.v.g.d contains
>34,406 headers. It looks like the earliest date on Astraweb is 10 Sep
>2008, so it wouldn't be possible to go back farther.
>Right, since I wrote that, I've downloaded all 34,406 headers and
>saved the header file, which is a little over 10mb.

I've converted the headers to an Access 97 mdb, which is available
(zipped) here for anyone who is curious:

The bodies are taking a little longer to download, because XNews keeps
barfing over overly-long subject lines (e.g. spammers trying to flog
their wares).

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On 05/05/2010 06:34, MM wrote:
> Another point I forgot to include: What about archiving this and
> similar groups? For instance, I save XNews headers and have written a
> little VB prog to convert them into an Access database. These are only
> the headers, not the bodies, of course. Perhaps someone could archive
> the bodies as well? Who knows how much disk space would be needed (as
> an estimate) to archive just this group? And finally, is there not
> already a Wayback Machine for Usenet?

Google groups:
Not sure if it'll stay around after MS drop them though.

Note that due to the newsgroup architecture, deleting the group may not
remove it from all other servers, so may still be accessible (but will
form disparate groups)

Dee Earley (dee.earley(a)
i-Catcher Development Team

iCode Systems

(Replies direct to my email address will be ignored.
Please reply to the group.)
From: FM on
Ive been following this newsgroup for over 10 years and without it and its
archives and the generous help daily offered to people here I almost
certainly would have given up programming a long time ago and would be lost
if you guys were scattered all over the place. Theres a lot of clever
knowledgeable people who frequent this newsgroup who often come up with some
genius things. This is time for all you good folks to work together and come
up with a mass migration plan to a better place and quickly by the sound of
it. If a suitable alternative that works for everyone can be found this
could be a blessing in disguise to become less dependent on Microsoft as
clearly they dont want anything to do with it. If it can be clearly defined
as VB4/5/6/Classic it might also see the end of the vbnet trolling that has
been a problem here for a long time now.


From: David Kaye on
MM <kylix_is(a)> wrote:

>And anyway, can't anyone just start up a new group? I've never done
>it, but new groups are appearing all the time, so it can't be all that
>difficult to do. In a way, I'd prefer to be independent of Microsoft,
>since we know they cannot be trusted since the VB fiasco.

It can be done, but Google Groups apparently has no mechanism to turn on
access to them. The ba.broadcast.moderated newsgroup (about radio and TV
broadcasting in the San Francisco Bay Area) was begun several months ago and
works fine, but Google Groups doesn't carry it, and it's not a high priority
with them.

So, I'd suggest using the existing newsgroups for future VB6 discussions.

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