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On Wed, 05 May 2010 09:49:48 -0500, dpb <none(a)> wrote:

>Larry Serflaten wrote:
>> "MM" <kylix_is(a)> wrote
>>> Why don't we all just agree to switch over to
>>> comp.lang.basic.visual.misc on a certain date to be announced? You'd
>>> need a switchover date, and repeated reminders in here beforehand, so
>>> that people got the message. I suggest a switchover date of 1st June
>>> 2010.
>> We would still need someone to provide 'free' access. I doubt my
>> provider offers NNTP, and from the sound of things, many other
>> major players are letting go also....
>There are a number of free newsservers -- I've been using
> for quite a while now. I've not logged onto
>the MS server in years altho have a connection setup in the newsreader
>there's never any reason to use it rather than monitoring all groups I
>follow thru the one connection.
>Another is

Yes, I have *never* got any newsfeed from any MS server. I use my ISP
Zen for access to this and similar groups.

From: MM on
On Wed, 5 May 2010 09:49:39 -0600, "Larry Serflaten"
<serflaten(a)> wrote:

>"MM" <kylix_is(a)> wrote
>> >Sounds like DevX all over again :)
>> >(For those that remember it)
>> But at least I kept all the CD-ROMs! I have them from September 1997
>> to November 2000
>Did you harvest topics from the Off Ramp? It might be interesting to
>re-live those old arguments!

If they're on the CDs, then I have 'em! (Off Ramp was Karl's
bailiwick, if I remember correctly.)

From: C. Kevin Provance on
"Paul Clement" <UseAdddressAtEndofMessage(a)> wrote in message news:93r2u514f15rg7oft0o7jfk0s52hiasge6(a)
: On Tue, 4 May 2010 22:20:01 -0400, "C. Kevin Provance" <*@*.*> wrote:
: ¤ That article seems to imply there will be an alternative. Would they really devote resources to moving this group?
: For some newsgroups there will be a replacement, but I cannot confirm or deny whether there will be
: an equivalent for Classic VB.
: ¤ I did notice recently this particular newsgroup can be accessed via the www, through the MSFT web site. Let's say, just for chuckles, MSFT gives VB6 it's own forum, and is moderated by folks like Clement and McCarthy. Would any of you participate?
: I'm not a moderator in the MSDN forums so that would be up to MVP and Microsoft Moderators. I think
: there are a few VB MVPs that are also moderators.

What are we? Friends? Showing up here with your faux friendliness is nothing more than concealed gloating. You can't deny you have not been waiting for this to happen. I wouldn't be surprised to find out you campaigned to have this process started.

Yeah, I'll bet your real happy. Go gloat somewhere else.
From: FM on
Here are a couple of lists of free newsgroup servers. Some servers have
restrictions on posting but those can be filtered out:

The best all-inclusive list available since 1996 and updated almost daily is


"Larry Serflaten" <serflaten(a)> wrote in message

> We would still need someone to provide 'free' access. I doubt my
> provider offers NNTP, and from the sound of things, many other
> major players are letting go also....

From: Frisbee� on
Karl E. Peterson wrote:
> The final insult they had left to deliver...
> Q: When will this transition be complete?
> A: Microsoft is closing newsgroups in phases and anticipates
> completing this by Fall 2010.
> Microsoft Responds to the Evolution of Communities

Not having read the entire (huge) thread on this, pardon me if someone else
has already mentioned this:

Just because Microsoft has decided to shut-down its newsgroups, that can
only mean them shutting down -their- nntp servers. Are these MS newsgroups
not also carried on virtually all nntp servers on USENET anyway? It's hard
enough trying to add a new newsgroup to USENET, I can't imagine how hard it
would be to remove one (let alone thousands).

Of couse, USENET itself is slowly dying, too. My provider, Cox Cable, has
already announced it will stop carrying the NG's in the near future. I'll
just have to move to one of the many free, text-only providers when that
happens. I'll miss my pr0n.

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