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Allen and heat GL4 manual?
Hi, I'm looking for a pdf of the manual. Seems like this is not on the site anymore. Or if someone has one, I just need to check if the direct out are pre-eq / pre-insert /pre-fader. Thanks ... 24 Oct 2006 01:44
Mackie SR1532z
Unhappy with my first Mackie purchase. Bought two SR1532z active speakers new and both tested ok at band practice. The night before I was to use them in public one goes dead. No lights, no sound. Fuses checked ok. I than had to rent equipment for that gig! Got it to my local authorized Mackie repair guy ... 8 Oct 2006 07:08
Mythbusters and "The Disco Dump"
Well even 154 dB at 20 cycles could not induce anything close to "the brown note" it looked like fun but as for soiling ones shorts from low freq sound,at least with a healthy person just isn't going to happen george ... 14 Nov 2006 13:16
Mixer amp choice
OK, purely because it's a bit slow in here today... Which would you choose between these for quality of build, rock solid reliability, sound reproduction and value for money, and why?... Behringer PMH 880s Yamaha EMX 88s And what alternatives are there in the price range? Ta, Jonathan ;o} ... 28 Sep 2006 15:05
Peavey SP 5TI main speakers
Does anybody have an opinion of these? I bought them used and cheap for the band to use as main speakers. We have not used them yet so I don't kow how they sound. -David ... 25 Sep 2006 19:26
Source for Stage Tape
We've been using stage tape from American DJ for years... Recently, they changed to Intertape AC36, which is a medium-strength duct tape that leaves lots of residue. Any suggestions on a decent tape that can be used on carpet? (We use Permacel 665 for gaff tape, but it doesn't seem to stick well to carpet.) ... 25 Sep 2006 02:31
elektrovoice sx 200
Hi. I`m about to buy some new "tops" for my rock`n`roll bands PA, and I came across these EV`s to 500$ a pair. Any experience with them, good or bad? any recommondation for something else, under the price of 1000$ a pair.We play small to medium places, 30-200 people. Thanks in advance. Per DK ... 22 Sep 2006 08:35
turbosound units
Hi again. Anybody who knows which units there are in turbosound tms 2a originally? I have been looking on the inside of one, and it had , jbl and fane units! is this right? Thanks in advance, and please excuse my bad english... Per. ... 1 Sep 2006 17:07
Meyer, EAW, D&B etc speakers for theater?
Hello, We own a 2000 seat theater and are going to do a major audio renovation this year. It has 70 ft of cleance between the current rigging points. We have been experimenting with Meyers MILO, EAW KB730, D&B and various other boxes. Since we get a lot of touring act I get to hear many systems. I have to take in a... 27 Jul 2006 10:36
FS: Allen & Heath System 8 MkIII Mixing Console
Daniel Fox wrote: This console is in excellent condition. Other than 2 bulbs out on VU meters 1 and 2 the board feels, looks, and sounds pretty close to new. Spare meter bulbs are available from A&H, part number AD0013. An alternative long life LED version is available too, part number 003-390. It may b... 20 Jul 2006 20:22
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