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KF850/SB1000 Setup
Hello! Recently I had to do a gig involving a setup of EAW KF850zf Tops and SB1000 subs. 2 of each per side. Stacked on top of each other. Indoors, reverberant room. The topmost top was included to essentially get more coverage towards the far end of the room. The two tops, and the two bins, per side, were each... 4 Jul 2006 06:54
Turbosound TQ440
Does anyone know the recommended DSP settings for Turbosound TQ440s. I picked a pair of these up today ex install and the only info I could find on the website was the crossover frequency. I ran them using a DCX2496 crossing over at 1.3kHz, but it sounded like they would still need a bit of EQ, mainly in the mid ra... 30 Jul 2006 17:57
DDX3216 Routing BUS to main outs.
Hope someone can help me here. I have the DDX3216 with 1 ADA8000 ADAT giving me 24 input channels. I'm running a theatre production where the band are in a seperate part on the building. So I've brought 14 channels of band into page one of the desk. I want to route them to a couple of busses, stop these 16 ch... 13 Mar 2006 08:44
Celestion SR-1 replacements
I have to find a replacement for a single Celestion SR-1 MK1 speaker. (2 x 10 drivers I think) I bought these new something like 10 years ago. I seem to recall the MK1 was rated at 500W in to 8ohms. The MKII appears to be rated at 350W. Can anybody tell me with certainty what the spec was and whether I d... 6 Mar 2006 19:15
EV Q66 / Dynacord S1200 Schematic?
Anyone have one they could email me?.. The 2 mentioned amps are similar inside.. Specifically I am looking for the types and quantities of output and driver devices per channel.. Am having an issue with a service place that sent me a bill for a repair they did ( one channel cooked ).. I can get a brand new amp a... 11 Feb 2006 08:23
George's comment in the Slope thread got me thinking about books. Obviously the Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook has been recommended, are there others? Any references are greatly appreciated. Joe ... 15 Feb 2006 11:19
Reverb settings
Hi, now and again i have singers ask for reverb. what would be the correct reverb settings for lead vocals, what would my starting point be. Hall Etc, how many mS. Andy ... 8 Jan 2006 05:22
Powered Monitors
Who makes the best powered floor monitors? Mackie? JBL? Just a small bar band going shopping. Thanks ... 10 Jan 2006 12:53
dbx Driverack PA vs Behringer Ultradrive vs?
I need a new crossover for a small rig ( pair of yammie S115IV, pair of homebrew 18" subs on QSC RMX and USA series amps running 2 way active ).. I have been using a behringer cx2310 for a while, but I have heard that rig sound way better with other analog crossovers, so I think its time for a change.. Sofar I ... 30 Nov 2005 11:03
Power Supply
Hi, I need a power supply for my Spirit Folio 10-2. Would you know where to find such a device at a reasonnable price, or how to find/make one PSU that could work for my mixer ? Second point, if anybody have got the manual, I would be interested. Thank you -- Seal20 ... 14 Oct 2005 23:31
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