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Hello, Earlier, I posted a question about the Task Scheduler. I received some helpful suggestions, and I was able to successfully "Add" a new task. However, I noticed, depending on the log on information, that I enter (in CMyFormView), determines which capablities are visible. In other words, if I log on wit... 27 Apr 2010 19:06
Accelerator that can't be deleted
I think my computer is possessed. My app (in VS2008 using the MFC Enhancement Pack) defined an accelerator for the '-' key which posted the message ID_VIEW_ZOOMOUT (which is defined as 33455). I wanted to remove this accelerator. So I deleted the following line in the "IDR_MAINFRAME ACCELERATORS" section of my rc f... 28 Apr 2010 10:37
Failed to create empty document.
Hi, I am getting "Failed to create empty document." when in release mode of my mfc sdi app(feature pack). and when in debug mode it points to ENSURE(strTitle.LoadString(IDS_AFXBARRES_MENU_BAR_TITLE)); Line:716 of File: afxmenubar.cpp stuck from a long time now ! any workaround ? Thanks ... 1 May 2010 02:15
How to [transparently] render html over existing background using IWebBrowser2?
Hi, I need to render html (mainly text) on top of a background image in a CView-derived class. I use IWebBrowser2 control to render the text. I've read some post related to .NET and it seems like WebBrowser control can be used to do that. Unfortunately all examples are for WinForms and I'm not quite sure ... 26 Apr 2010 17:14
I am facing one small issue in ShellExecute Open Folder and select file. code here CString file=L"/select,"; file= file + _mFilePath ShellExecute(NULL,L"open",L"explorer",file,NULL,SW_SHOWNORMAL); working fine, but in Windows XP , if folder already opened , not selecting that specified file. this is wo... 30 Apr 2010 14:01
Finding Memory Leaks
Hi all, I have a MFC/C++ Application developed. I see a lot of Memory Leaks Dump in the Visual Studio output window when run the app via the debugger. My application consists of an exe, and a few DLLs. The DLLs are loaded by the exe using LoadLibrary. And any memory leaks are in any of the DLLs, there is n... 29 Apr 2010 03:31
Unicode compile question
To compile my app for unicode, my notes tell me where to insert _UNICODE and UNICODE so that much I understand, but I have two questions at this point. 1. When I goto the settings I found that _MBCS was already defined. I surmise I should delete this, but why was this defined as a default ? (and for my... 26 Apr 2010 20:38
StringCchCopy question
Hello a few months ago this group helped me become aware of the safety issues involved with using the old string runtime routines like strcpy etc. However I am back again after a short hiatus, trying to implement said routines and due to my novice programming ability I need advice and criticism on the best way to d... 26 Apr 2010 17:14
stack overflow problem
Hi, I have traced my problem to the following line of code which seems to be causing a stack overflow problem: (see below) I'm declaring a multidimenstional array of CGridbox Objcts A CGridbox consists of 2 arrays of CApect Objects.. The code works fine when line is commented out. and breaks when... 25 Apr 2010 20:06
PropertyPage Buttons
I have a 3-page PropertyPage using CPropertySheet & CPropertyPage (as usual). My buttons are not what I expected. The code below is what I have on page2 (which is derived form CPropertyPage). I have commented out code just for referenced. This gives me 4-buttons: Back, Next, Cancel, Help. From the code bel... 27 Apr 2010 15:40
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