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Designing a Finite State Machine DFA Recognizer for UTF-8
State 0 00-7F ASCII C2-DF goto State 1 // Two Byte E0-EF goto State 2 // Three Byte F0-F4 goto State 4 // Four Byte else Error State 1 80-BF else Error State 2 80-BF goto State 3 else Error State 3 80-BF else Error State 4 80-BF goto State 5 else Error State 5 80-BF go... 19 May 2010 22:42
Does anyone copyright or patent their applications?
Hello again. I am curious if anyone here has gone through the effort of copyrighting or patenting their software? I registered for a Trademark (not sure if that is really worth anything though). I wanted to see what others before me have done, before I head over to the Lawyer's office. I am sure that won't b... 19 May 2010 16:03
How to maintain consistency with MFC-Macros
Dear all, I have ever so often shot myself in the foot with MFC macros like BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP IMPLEMENT_DYNCREATE and more. The point is that all of these macros take your class and parent-class as parameters. If during development your class hierarchy changes and you forget to update those macros, things ca... 21 May 2010 15:03
Silly question regarding Radio Buttons
Hello guys, I am having difficulty in understanding programatic selection of Radio Buttons. I have met with limited success in selecting/delselecting a Radio Button in a group, using SetCheck (BST_CHECKED) or SetCheck(BST_UNCHECKED). I mean the target button state ALWAYS changes. However, it appears that somet... 19 May 2010 02:51
Building a Mobile or Embedded Device/System? Tell VDC about your experiences for a chance to Win!
VDC is conducting its annual survey of mobile and embedded engineers so if you are involved in the engineering of mobile or embedded systems/software, this is your chance to influence key solution suppliers. The research covers embedded software, hardware, tools, and development practices. Your thoughts will imp... 18 May 2010 09:16
serialize args correction
Correction: Sorry for the poor typing "but the document serialize is in my FormView class " The document Serialize function is NOT in the FormView but in the document, what I meant to relay was that it can only be called from the FILE SAVE menu in the FormView ... 17 May 2010 20:14
serialize args
I have been experimenting with writing a map object to file and reading it back. I have gotten it to work, but the document serialize is in my FormView class can only be called from the FILE SAVE menu (through the framework code), which is fine but I might have need to call serialize from another location in code ... 21 May 2010 16:09
Tracing a memory access error without using the debugger.
My program occasionally terminates with a memory access violation. The description is shown below: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access. Error code: 0xC0000005 Exception address: 0x0047AC19. Finding this problem would be easy if I was ... 19 May 2010 08:15
start last-open document
Hi, how is it possible to start the programm / sdi-application with the last-open document (with all its configurations e.g. which checkbox is checked and which is not) ? best regards Bernd ... 18 May 2010 06:00
use a WCF in a unmanaged MFC application
I have an application developed using MFC and unmanaged code. Now I need to create a view that would have a Windows Control Form created using .NET and managed code. How can I put this two pieces of code comunicating? Thanks in advance. ... 18 May 2010 10:22
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