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Getting value of a input attribute ‘id’ of a resource in a webpage
Dear Friends, Actually i want to retrieve value of a Input attribute 'id' from the source page [Right click on a Webpage->Select 'View Source'].For example - 'id' of PasswordBox . Right now I am able to retieve the values of attributes like- 'type','name','image' by using IID_IHTMLInputElement ->get_ty... 25 Jun 2010 03:21
HI According to it says If _ATL_NO_EXCEPTIONS is defined, the function causes an assertion failure instead of throwing an exception. Yet in the header file atldef.h, I see #ifdef _ATL_NO_EXCEPTIONS #ifdef _AFX #error MFC projects cannot de... 28 Jun 2010 05:11
Exception Semantics question
I have a question on try throw semantics. This has nothing to do with whether I should try or catch but just the fact that I don't understand what is going on here. Admittedly this is not any real code but a scenario that I happened on by accident in experimenting with writing my own exception class. The below co... 26 Jun 2010 10:50
How to embed a word document in CView
I am looking for some code sample embed an existing word document in a view. MSDN has a sample to embed a new word document in a view. But it has an extra control in the windows, and it doesn't let me to open an existing word file. TIA for any help. ... 24 Jun 2010 10:44
Stay resident dll
I currently have a MATLAB mex function that allows the user to view & manipulate 3D point cloud data directly from MATLAB. A mex function is nothing more than a standard dll with a specific MATLAB entry point. The viewer was written in MFC using OpenGL. My problem is that since it is a dll the user must clos... 23 Jun 2010 19:32
CIPAddressCtrl: focus handle
Hi, is it possible with the CIPAddressCtrl class (ip address control) that every ip-addr-field [ip-addr format: field1 (dot) field2 (dot) field3 (dot) field4] between the points will get the focus point by using the tab-key on the keyboard? At the moment with the default settings only the first ip-addr field wil... 23 Jun 2010 10:38
Calling a web service from MFC
Hi fellows, How do I call a web service from an MFC application? This is something I'd like to do without bringing .NET into the picture, if possible. Thanks in advanced for any pointers. ... 24 Jun 2010 00:59
project dependencies: satellite dlls and main-project
Hi, how is it possible to delete all dialog boxes and the mainframe-menu from the startup application project, if there are satellite dlls including these information? At startup of the project the specific dialog frame / and mainmenu will be loaded from one of the satellite dlls... if I delete the dialog box... 23 Jun 2010 12:52
Looking for recommended approach to using Regular Expressions.
Hello again folks, I am working through things in my application, and I would appreciate any recommended approaches to using Regular Expressions in my code. This is an MFC application. I am using Visual Studio 2008 pro. I have read about references to a "boost" library, and I have read references to an ATL regex... 24 Jun 2010 08:32
Problem handling keyboard events in ActiveX on IE8
Hi All, I have a ActiveX control which was working fine till now. I was using IE7 as the ActiveX container. I handle the keyboard events using PreTranslateMessage. But since i switched to IE8 the keyboard events are not being passed to my activex control. If i press backspace in a edit control on my ActiveX, the... 24 Jun 2010 08:32
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