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Block Hyperlinks
Hi! Is it possible in Exchanage 2007 Antispam Filters or Forefront security for Exchange to block e-mails containing Hyperlinks in the body and forward them to the spam administrator account? Thanks! ... 16 May 2010 17:56
Block E-Mails with Hyperlinks
Hi! Is there a way in Exchange 2007 or Forfront Security for Exchange to block any E-Mail having a Hyperlink in its body? Thanks! ... 16 May 2010 13:33
Undeliverable: Delivered
Hi! Antispam Filters on Exchange 2007 sending Internal E-Mail Users Delivery reports sent from their Blackberry Devices to other internal users to the spam administrator account. Under Diagnostic Information for Admins it is showing: Received: from what is the recommended wa... 16 May 2010 07:02
shared between two companies
Hi all, we are going to merge with another company. If we do a forest trust between us, can we share PB, free/busy and calendar each other? (Windows 2003 domain functional level both company. we have exchnage 2003 sp2 and they have exchange 2007) thank you. ... 18 Jun 2010 11:21
Outlook 2007 SP2 crashing while downloading images within the emails
Greetings, Using OL2007 SP2 in an exchange 2003 environment, all emails are flowing in perfectly to the clients. Problems show up when one wants to open an email. If its a text email, no problem. If the user opens the email and needs to authorise the download of images within the emails, Outlook 2007 will c... 14 May 2010 23:45
Problem with SBS2008/Exchange2007 mailbox maxes out at 2gb ???
Hi, I created the mailbox via the SBS console and then set its limit to 4gb instead of the default 2gb. I am then using a seperate box running the 32bit exch2007 tools and powershell to import the mailbox from a PST. The mailbox in question was too big (2.2gb) and so I exported it into 2 PST files, one wit... 14 May 2010 17:14
Extract certain attachment from Exchange mailboxes
Another 3rd party option is Lucid8's DigiScope and they have project based licenses to help with issued like this as well. "John Oliver, Jr. [MVP]" wrote: What version of Exchange? Ontrack Powercontrols is a third party tool that can do this but its not f... 14 May 2010 17:14
outlook auto-complete and global address list issue with displ
Hi, yes it happens in non cached mode. And yes the email is delivered anyway. Happening to many users. "M" wrote: Hello: Does this issue happen in Outlook NON-cached mode also? Does the e-mail get delivered to the recipient anyway? -- Regards, M MCTS, MCSA http://SysAdmin-E... 17 May 2010 16:55
Antispam Performance
Hi! We have one Exchange 2007. Antispam filters are enabled and is configured as IP Block list provider but still we are receiving spam e-mails. How can we check if the Antispam filters and RBL are working properly? Thanks! ... 14 May 2010 19:26
outlook auto-complete and global address list issue with display n
Hi all, We have a strange issue which has started to occur with auto-complete in outlook 2003. We don't think its an outlook issue but rather a GAL issue. When someone sends an email and types in the first few characters autocomplete displays a display name similar to this - Bloggs, Joe <Joe.Bloggs00120540>... 14 May 2010 09:30
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