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clear categories rule
Why is this rule recommended? I have given all of my users a rule that specifies "if you receive a message with a category of "miscellaneous" display Popup Message in the new item alert window and mark it as "low importance. This rule no longer works because of the new "clear categories" rule and because the... 2 Sep 2007 14:01
Task 'POP3 - Receiving' reported error (0x80040900) : 'The server name you entered can not be found on the network (it might be down temporarily). Please verify that you are online and that the server name is correct.' Can somebody help here: I am online and the server name is correct. ... 30 Aug 2007 14:58
How do I recover my e-mail account settings? (not just the e-mail
odd question. my computer crashed, and I had over a dozen e-mails set up via outlook. and I can't even remember the passwords for most of them. I've recovered the .pst file in another computer, so all my e-mails & contacts are back. but I need to get access back to these pop3/imap accounts. Is there... 30 Aug 2007 16:37
Outlook 2007 crashing
I have a client with outlook 2007, occasionally (at least once a week) he gets an email with an attachment and the program closes. I have checked the offending emails and there is no problem with them, typically they are powerpoint, or movie files. i've scanned and checked them on my system. The OS is Vista hom... 8 Sep 2007 14:32
MailMsgAtt I wish that I could help, but I am suffering from the same problem. Maybe someone will answer this question. Dave "jakapong_c" wrote: My customer received an email with a shortcut link to a message in Exchange 2003. But she cannot open it and there is an error told her that it need "... 28 Aug 2007 13:25
Outlook Recurrence Appointments
Is it possible to remove the link between a series of recurrence appointments while keeping all the appointments in place? ... 28 Aug 2007 13:25
unable to load nwnsp.dll
Hi all, I've got a big problem with outlook: I want (need) to connect outlook 2003 to a Domino server, so i downloaded the "outlook connector for lotus domino" from the download section of microsoft site. The installation worked like a charm, but after that when i try to start outlook it tells me: Catast... 27 Aug 2007 12:23
Help removing an addin
I tried to install an addin to Outlook, didn't like it, and tried to uninstall. Now I'm getting this message: The addin "C:\WINDOWS\System32\PSCDO.dll" could not be installed or loaded. The problem may be resolved by using Detect and Repair on the Help menu. I tried to remove the addin from the help menu an... 17 Aug 2007 00:00
Outlook 2003 - Waiting to Update this Folder (Synchronizing Hierar
We have a handful of users that is having this "Waiting to Update this folder" issue in Outlook 2003. It seems to be sitting at the Waiting to Update this folder status and does nothing. If we click on the Send/Receive, the status for the tasks shows complete for Exchange Server - Sending. However, the secon... 1 Aug 2007 11:49
Outlook Error
When closing Outlook 2007 I am receiving an eror Outlook has insufficient memory. Do you want to save NormalEmail as Rescued template? Has anyone run into this I cannot find a fix anywhere? I have already uninstalled and reinstalled also. ... 8 Aug 2007 01:01
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