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An error occurred in the folder shortcuts file (.fav). HELP!!!!
I get this error message when trying to open outlook 2007. I am running Vista and IE 8. Not real savvy, please help with little words. ... 26 Sep 2009 00:34
Disable "Reply All", similar to "BCC"
Hello, I want to send a message to a large group, but I don't want them to be able to "Reply All". I know if I us the "BCC" this will work, but I want the group to know who has received the message. I just don't want a barage of "Reply All" messages. Is there a way to disable this function for a particular ema... 25 Sep 2009 16:27
export Outlook to imail
How can all messages and folders be exported to Mac Imail? ... 25 Sep 2009 16:27
Cannot print an email in outlook
I'm using outlook 2003. Other users on this same computer don't have this problem. When I try to print an email it goes to save file as and gives me a drop down menu.If I try to print under the file menu it gives me the microsoft xps document writer, click ok and it goes back to save file as. I have a dell 960 ... 24 Sep 2009 22:54
Forwards/Replies to messages do not always forward original msg bo
Outlook 2007, using HTML format. Set to always forward and reply with original message. With or without attachments, the messages do not always contain the original message bodies - just header info. Need to consistently forward all text/message body info. Please advise. ... 23 Sep 2009 14:28
Outlook 2007 .pst reached it's limit
The pst file that keeps emails from my 2 accounts has reached 1.8GB and I can't even archive now. I'm guessing it's the old type of pst that was used for that account. I created 2 new pst files and transferred my folders with messages. I'm not to sure what to do next. In Outlook folder the main one is called Outloo... 9 Oct 2009 04:59
Cannot create an account
I'm trying to create an account within Outlook 2007, and receive the message " you cannot add a Microsoft Exchange account to this profile while Outlook is running.Exit Outlook and use Mail icon in the Control Panel to add..." but in control Pannel there is no MAIL ICON so It's impossible to create anything. A... 22 Sep 2009 18:36
solution to unauthorized image attachment in Outlook email
Found solution. This was posted in a CNET forum and it worked. In Outlook, under Tools, Options, Mail Format: Remove Microsoft Word as the email editor. This removed the image001.wmz and image002.gif Thanks for the help. "Diane Poremsky [MVP]" wrote: Are you using an antivirus scanner on outbound m... 22 Sep 2009 10:41
Set email to open in edit mode
As the sender of an email, is there a way for me to set the email to automatically open in edit mode. I'm using Outlook 2007, but some of my recipients may be using earlier versions. Thank you. ... 22 Sep 2009 15:15
Outlook 2003 changing the Recieved Field to Sent Field in the Inbo
I have a user using Outlook 2003 on Windows XP, the system is using Exchange 2003 but the email is being download to a PST File. He complained this morning that email was disappearing from his system. I took a look and did a search and found the email and that the email was being catogorized on the sent field... 18 Sep 2009 11:07
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