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links in e-mail outlook 2007
web link in e-mail not allowed to connect when clicked ... 26 Nov 2009 14:16
Tracking Votes when using Send As Permissions
I have used Send-on-behalf of permissions in the past to send an email and track voting answers as the answers are tracked in the email located in my sent mail folder. However, today I sent an email using SEND AS permissions which included voting buttons, and this time the votes are not being tracked within th... 25 Nov 2009 17:14
Outlook 2007 Rules In Error "Cannot Reply to Message"
I came up with a work-around the same day but did not post back to this forum. Here's my attempt to make life easier for everybody. See my blog post titled "Fix for 'Rules in Error' - 'Cannot Reply to Message' for Outlook 2007 Out-Of-Office rule" at 24 Nov 2009 19:02
Pictures removed from sent emails
I've always been able to paste pictures (such as screen shots) from the clipboard within the body of HTML emails, but something's happened and now when I paste a picture it gets removed before it's sent. I can see the picture in the email when I'm writing it, but after clicking Send and opening the email in my... 24 Nov 2009 12:17
Can't rename folders
I am using Outlook 2010 beta on Windows Vista. I am using a shared Exchange mailbox for which I have 'Owner' permissions. I can do everything I like including sending mail from this address and creating and removing folders. Under the 'Inbox' there is an extensive folder structure, up to 2 levels deep. Although... 24 Nov 2009 15:39
Outlook 2003 and 2007
I have a home network that includes a desktop and laptop. Desktop has Outlook 2003 while laptop has 2007. How do I get the two to communicate? Transfer address book, mail folders, and etc. ... 24 Nov 2009 04:31
open folder close when reopened
If Ihave several folders open like inbox/recived, inbox/from, inbox/subject, sent/to, drafts, etc. and I go from another folder like MS Word to the bottom Outlook bar to see the folders I have opened and click on one that may already be open but not visible, it closes which is very agrivating, cannot find to c... 22 Nov 2009 22:44
Outlook 2007 Distribution List
I only want email addresses in my Distribution List. I am copying a long list of email addresses from Excel and inserting them into my Outlook at a Group using the Distribution List. My Excel list only has email addresses and no names. The format for the Distribution List is Name / Email Address. Therefore,... 20 Nov 2009 12:21
Problem: Windows 7 Search results emails don't open under outlook
I am using windows 7 Professional (64 bit) as it was pre-installed on my laptop. I also installed a fully updated version of Office 2003 to use Outlook 2003, with all service packs and updates installed. When I use Windows Search, I can no longer open, copy/paste or delete the resulting emails listed, even if ... 22 Nov 2009 11:37
Sort by Name Problem
Hi, I'm using Outlook 2003, SP3 with Exchange server. When I sort my Inbox by name, I highlight a name (ie, John Doe) then click the "From" column heading. Sometimes the cursor will land on the name John Doe, which is what I want, and other times the cursor will land on the first alphabetical name in my Inbo... 19 Nov 2009 20:53
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