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outlook 2003 can't read email which content chinese wording
after installed outlook 2003, i can't read those emails which content chinese wording, all the wording became ??? instead of chinese word, please help!! ... 1 Nov 2009 20:59
Are there any free NNTP add-ins for Outlook 2007?
I'm sick of having everything I need to start my day in Outlook with the exception of NNTP based services like Newsgroups / UseNet (like this one, for example). It is a feature that should have always been in Outlook, and I'm not enough of a sucker to pay anyone another 20-30$ just get a feature Outlook should ... 5 Nov 2009 12:16
Printing error outlook 2007
I have installed office 2007 pro. My printer is lexmark z605. My outlook 2007 part of office 2007 pro was printing emails. Now I get an error message. Can not load library lxbcprp.dll "using defaults". Error: 126. I click ok a bunch of times then it does sometimes finaly print. I have reinstalled the prin... 29 Oct 2009 20:59
Deleting messages
I suddenly can not delete any messages from Outlook Express. I have restarted the computer and deleted temporary internet files and it is still not working. Any suggestions? ... 27 Oct 2009 14:48
Outlook 2003 can't open .pptx, docx, xlsx files
I have the compatilibility pack installed. In outlook when I attempt to open a office 2007 format document, a box pops up that allows me to Open or Save. I select open and an explorer window opens prompting me to select a save location. Any ideas? ... 27 Oct 2009 13:40
Signature setting being lost
Good morning, We have someone using Outlook 2003 with Exchange 2003. Outlook is running in cached mode. Every few weeks the signature settings are lost. The signature remains and can be selected, but if the user has selected a particular signature for new messages, this has been lost. I have removed and readde... 26 Oct 2009 05:35
How can I recover PST file after uninstalling Office 2003 on my XP
My Office 2003 became corrupted and I uninstalled it without backing up the Outlook PST file. The file is no longer in the App Data/Microsoft/Outook folder and the simple apps for recovering deleted files doesn't find a PST file. ... 13 Nov 2009 11:04
Outlook 2007 Crash after KB972363 Installed
In our company we just installed patch kb972363 for Outlook 2007. There are users that since the patch was installed can't print to any printer as it crashes and closes Outlook. So far the only way to fix this is to remove the patch kb972363 and the crashes no longer happen. Has anyone had any similar issues wi... 21 Oct 2009 14:54
remove extra space after paragraph
How do I remove the extra space after paragraphs when Outlook is open? I do not want to have to do it every time I send an email with a list in it! Thanks, ... 20 Oct 2009 11:10
OX8DE00006 error
I had the same issue. turns out i've exceeded my email limit for the day. I had sent out 5 emails to large groups and that did it. taltmir wrote: I keep getting this error mesasage ox8DE00006, why? 22-Dec-08 I keep getting this error mesasage ox8DE00006, why? Previous Posts In This Thread: On Mond... 19 Oct 2009 19:48
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