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Ribbon error message in Outlook 2007
OK - I understand the main Outlook window has no ribbon :( BUT............. if THAT is what we have to live with then WHY am I getting the following error message EVERY time I click (to open) any message in my Inbox or other folders in Outlook 2007 Enterprise? The error is titled 'Custom UI Runtime Error in Mi... 7 Dec 2009 08:29
Connect to Outlook Shared Calendar to SharePoint.
You can use a Page Viewer Web Part to display a calendar that is located on an Exchange server. See this document "Angela" wrote: I know I can add a SharePoint Calendar to Outlook BUT, is there any way to connect to Outlook Shared Ca... 6 Dec 2009 07:23
Microsoft Personal Folder backup - Win7
You know the Microsoft PF backup tool? Its working fine on windows XP but I can't make it work with Win7. I read on the download page: That Win7 is not with the supported OS. Is it tempora... 6 Dec 2009 20:37
can't get MS Outlook 2007 to open successfully as "Microsoft Excha
I am unable to open Microsoft Outlook 2007 in Windows 7 successfully as when I open it starts a chain of message box that with any option I select eventually closes Outlook. Below are messages I receive. Message box reads “Configuring Outlook” Configuring Outlook Accounts “Connecting to Microsoft Exchang... 5 Dec 2009 06:25
selective e-mail download from pop3 server.
I am running Office 2007 ultimate. I am setting up a new VAIO laptop running Win 7 64 bit. Our family e-mail system uses the following rubric: name1(a), name2(a), etc. The software that is distributed by the isp will sort incoming e-mails and put name1's mail into her letterbox... 4 Dec 2009 21:50
roaming laptop won't send with another ISP
Hi there, I've got my laptop set up and it works fine from the home ISP where the email accounts are based. I take my laptop with me and hook up into a different network on the road and I'd like it to be static with the home ISP and to be able to send it with the home ISP. How can I do this without always chan... 4 Dec 2009 01:59
Outlook 2007 message icon will not change from closed (unread) to
I have an Outlook user where the icon in the inbox message section gets an incoming new email, the text is bold, and the icon envelope is closed. She is using the reading pane, and clicks in the message in the reading pane, then clicks away to the next message, the envelope icon does not change from closed (unr... 4 Dec 2009 07:23
Outlook 2007 Delay Delivery Problem
I'm having a problem with the Delay Delivery option in Outlook 2007. All new messages default to a Delay Delivery of <Today> at 5:00 PM. How do I turn this feature off? As far as I know, I never turned it on in the first place, all my messages just started being delayed a few days ago! I have to uncheck thi... 3 Dec 2009 16:01
Suddenly can't preview or save a .tif attachment?
Operating system is Vista, Program is Outlook 2007. Up until yesterday I was able to do this. I'm not sure what has changed but suddenly I can not preview or save .tif attachments. No problem with pdf or other types just .tif . When I left click on the attachment to preview I get the message "This file cannot b... 3 Dec 2009 14:53
Promote Form Properties Greyed Out
Hi I have created a form in infopath 2007 that is to be emailed and I would like to be able to view the properties I have selected in the form folder. I can see the headings of the properties but none of the data is being shown. When I right click on the form folder there is a check box that reads "Promote form... 2 Dec 2009 22:21
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