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>>>> What search engine did you use?
>>> Seriously, Soundbroker and HTICS advertise frequently in the back of
>>> magazines like Pro Sound News and I've been doing business with them for
>>> quite a few years. Line items like single UPA-1's aren't going to pop
>>> up in internet search engines, it's a small enough, niche market that
>>> internet search engines will have any useful results buried pretty deep.
>> I've never really paid that much attention to the various suppliers
> i do suppliers are my source for what I need
> Thanks
>> for the source. It is now bookmarked. I may change my mind about what
>> speakers I will get, though all the the Meyer UPA-1's need some serious
>> reconditioning, even the ones that claim non-touring. They all look
>> pretty beat up.
> I would bet they are mechanically sound, I have bought this stuff over and
> over again
> if its non working it will say so
> the money goes to a escrow until the buyer releases it pending inspection
> This also makes me question the condition of the cones and such.
> see above
>> Will internal components need replacing also?
> there are no internal components outside of the drivers
> they are externally processed

No internal crossover? So I would need to add crossovers to my list if I
get them.

>> This leads me to another problem with the suggestion. How is the OP
>> going to find such a product when they are not at all familiar with sites
>> like Soundbroker?
> it doesn't take a genius to get familiar
> and all they have to do is ask
> With such a niche product as the UPA-1's, do you really
>> believe the OP can find them?
> meyer is HARDLY a niche product
> I would say it is one of the most popular pro level speakers in the world

Most popular among contractors who deal with larger customers on a regular
basis. In my former field it would have been a niche product. Also not
popular where most beginners would look.

> Will the OP be able to keep in budget if the
>> used gear needs a total overhaul?
> it doesn't , see above refrence to the escrow

Sounds good. Thanks for the useful info. I doubt the Meyer's would fit my
new church's budget. In fact, I know it will not. When I am ready to build
my own system I may consider them and rehab the cabs.

> This is why I prefer more common
>> products, like JBL, Yahama, EAW, etc.
> jbl is mostly trash , as is yamaha, eaw is in the same price range as
> meyer
> I own eaw, yamaha,behringer,rcf,eaw, community and meyer systems
> all serve diffrent needs

They serve all different needs, but for the tight market I used to deal with
Meyer's were just plain too expensive and was totally out of their budgets.
To add to their budget would be pulling limited funds from far more
important areas. Less expensive speakers are more than adequate for their
needs. More expensive speakers do not contribute to their mission and
function. Therefore I didn't waste my time on researching extravagant
equipment. Besides, I also did not do the equipment selection for most
customers. My boss handled that. I just gave hiim the evaluation and

> George

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JohnO wrote:

> Next time you drive through Michigan to Chicago (or the other way)
> you can stop by and hear it for yourself. Seriously...that would be
> cool. In fact, the invite is open to any of you aapls pros.

To far ... it could be interesting tho' ... better to judge by the fruit
than by the leaves.

> -John O

Kind regards

Peter Larsen

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"Peter Larsen" <plarsen(a)> wrote in message

> To far ... it could be interesting tho' ... better to judge by the fruit
> than by the leaves.

Isn't that what Adam said to Eve...?



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Mike Dobony <sword(a)> wrote:

>> there are no internal components outside of the drivers
>> they are externally processed
> No internal crossover? So I would need to add crossovers to my list
> if I get them.

Erm - surely if you're building a pro system, especially if to be used by
amateurs and volunteers, you budget for a processor to provide crossover and
protection facilities anyway? Or buy self powered and prevent the issue even

re-configure the solar matrix in parallel for endothermic propulsion

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> there is no down side to my suggestion

I'm gonna have to agree with George 100% here.
- I play in a VERY similar band. 8-piece horn band:
guitar,keys,bass,drums,trumpet,sax,tbone, lead vocal and we use the
same setup:

Large system: 2 kf650z per side, 4 LA400 center clustered if there is
a stage (2 LA400 per side if no stage). We use the yorkville powered
nx55p's as front fills if needed. This system works very well for
this type of band. We have experimented

Mid system: 1 Yorkvile nx55p per side over 2LA400 per side (not that
we need that much sub, but we use them to for stacking)

Anyway a few, with this rig, you want to do a few things:
1) Get the kfs up high because the HF horn is in the middle.
2) Run in triamp instead of biamp. The sound noticably better (at
least on our dsp)

Its a solid rig. You can come and listen to it if you want.

There are some nice stacking options with this setup:
2 over 2
<a href='
IMGP0173.JPG'>2 kf650z over 2 LA</a>

if you play in a church, cover scaffold with black cloth:
<a href='
IMGP0173.JPG'>on scaffold</a>

<a href='
Pictures-025.jpg'>rig photo here</a>