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56 Opinion
Hola mi opinion acerca de es bastante buena, gracias a estos chicos pude tener el cartucho para que mi hijo jugara a todos los juegos, que me descargo de internet. Fueron amables y me digeron donde descargarme los juegos y configurar la tarjeta. Me dieron un peque�o manual que para deciros la verdad, s... 16 Oct 2009 06:24
WM 5.0 InternetErrorDlg return ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE
I have written a WM 5.0 CF 3.5 app that tries to pinvoke InternetErrorDlg to display a list of certificates to use for authentication to a web service. I getting the error ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE. I get this error whether set the hWnd parameter to Null, the Handle property of the WinForm, or I use GetDesk... 6 Oct 2009 11:29
In-Reply-To Email Header
Hey All, New around here :) - thought this might be the best place to get answers. I am trying to develop a service where a user can respond to notification emails to perform certain actions. My original POC relied on Message-ID and the In-Reply-To fields - which works fine on most email clients (including Wi... 21 Sep 2009 08:53
Send Again
Hi! Isn't there an option in Windows Mobile 6.0 that allows you to forward Exchange 2007 false positive spam e-mails like MS Outlook 2007 we have any option "Send Again" if you are the spam administrator? Thanks! ... 17 Sep 2009 12:28
Problems with UnregisterFunc1Proc to capture vk_ttalk and vk_tend events.
Suggest reposting at news:// Beverly Howard [Microsoft MVP-Mobile Devices] ... 11 Dec 2008 02:15
Problems with UnregisterFunc1Proc to capture vk_ttalk and vk_tend events.
Hi all, I am trying to write an custom dialer for my voip based application. I need to capture Vk_ttalk and vk_tend buttons and override default dialer coming up even when my app is not in focus Hi have tried following peice of code to register hotkey fr my app. HINSTANCE hi = LoadLibrary(_T("coredll.dl... 11 Dec 2008 02:15
IPAQ rx1955 and DLINK DIR-655
Hi, I am trying to connect my IPAQ rx1955 to a DLINK DIR-655 N draft router and I am only having success connecting with no security. Has anyone been able to connect to this router via a security setting other than open? Thanks! ... 10 Nov 2008 12:59
EncFiltLog.menc file
I inserted an SD card into my Samsung Omnia (WM 6.1). File Encryption is turned off (unchecked) on the phone. However, when I took the card out and tried reading it from a card reader, I see this EncFiltLog.menc file. I can't write to the card or format it. How do I get around this problem? ... 7 Oct 2008 13:24
Dell Axim X51v Windows Mobile Upgrade?
Just called Dell to see if they offered an upgrade from WM5 to WM6. Was told no. Is this right? Has anyone else been able to upgrade an Axim? ... 24 Jul 2008 06:44
We have a Unitech handheld that needs to sync with an XP pro sp2 desktop, via AS 4.2, but when the handheld is placed in the docking station a message 'could not find "/" appears on the HH. This problem is with one of the PCs we use to sync only - other ones are ok, but as they are on differen... 28 May 2008 07:37
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