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Excel Mobile
Newbie here so I apologize ahead of time for any dumb question(s) I ask... I jut got a Dell Axim X51 running Windows Mobile 5.0. I am a teacher and use Excel as my gradebook. Whenever I edit a spreadsheet that I have edited on my PC (running Excel 2000), I get the following message... "Unsupported content and ... 1 Jan 2006 15:44
Active Sync Error 86000209
Hi, Can anyone tell of another way to fix that error that to reboot the computer. I get it about every 2 or 3 hours, and that started on Sunday I'm sick and tired of rebooting the computer just for the PPC to work and be kept in sync -- Thank you in Advance Merci a l'Avance Martin ... 4 Jan 2006 12:27
Where can I download Contivity VPN Client v3.1.4 for Windows CE?
Where can I download Contivity VPN Client v3.1.4 for Windows CE? ... 1 Oct 2005 03:09
Format SD
Hello again, Thanks everybody for the answers on my question about backup. Now another (newbie PPC) question. How can I format an SD card in my PPC? With installation there are a few maps named #^g)7$!@*( I want to format and start anew. Is that possible? Ruud. ... 28 Jun 2005 15:32
Format SD Card through PPC?
1. How to format SD Card through PPC?? 2. Which format is more appropriate for PPC, FAT / FAT32? Why? Thanks Mate ... ... 28 Jun 2005 03:09
Inkwriter/Note Taker Converter
Where can I find an add-in converter for Pocket PC 2003 Note (.PWI) files? I believe that MS has an Inkwriter/Note Taker add-in for Word 2003 which does this automatically. I used the Inkwriter/Note Taker add-in on another computer with Word 2003 but I can't seem to find where to download it. ... 25 Jun 2005 21:45
How Do I Increase Driver Memory?
I receive a message that tells me the Bluetooth Radio Failed to turn on due to insufficient driver memory available. This happend even after a soft boot. Is there a setting in Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition that allows me to allocate more memory? I have almost all my programs stored on a built-in memory card... 15 Jun 2005 14:26
Medion MD 95000 does not go beyond the initial alignment screen !
Hi Pocket PC gurus, I have bought one Medion Pocket PC - MD 95000 from Aldi(Germany) today. Tried installing the SW. The problem is that it is stuck up at the "Ausrichten(Align)" screen , and is not going further. I am able to do active sync also. Please help. Thanx Sumit -- Message posted via http... 22 Apr 2005 09:46
Hi, does anybody know where could I find/buy FM tuner as an SDIO? By now, I found only for Palm (, so that's one more thing that confuses me. If it's SDIO, shouldn't it mean it works on all SDIO compatible devices? Thanks, KLS ... 13 Feb 2005 23:58
memory cleanup utility
Is there a free utility (or very low cost) available that will clean up my 4700 of all the temp files, temp internet files, cookies, etc.? Tried one called mem maid a while back but it caused some other problems. John ... 12 Feb 2005 17:11
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