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Recalculate a worksheet following an autofilter selection.
Hi I'm trying to work out how to recalculate a worksheet once a filter selection has been made. I think I need to use a worksheet selection change event but I do not know how to detect the filter change. Recalculating the sheet is simply: ActiveSheet.Calculate The filters are in A3:D3. The values to ... 7 Jun 2010 09:40
Passing dates to Sql Server 2005 stored procedure
Hi, I am trying to execute a SQL Stored procedure from Excel using VBA. Apart from 2 string inputs, this proc also accepts two datetime imputs. When these dates are passed via VBA, they are in the format "dd/mm/yyyy. However, the SQL Server does not seem to accept dates passed in this format. Applying differe... 7 Jun 2010 11:55
MsgBox refer to seperate worksheet
Hi - I need to set up a message box that will read a cell on another worksheet. The button for the msgbox (an where I want it to pop up) is on the Questions worsheet. The code I have is below; Sub Message() Dim txtScore As String txtScore = Worksheet("Calculations").Range("G2").Select MsgBox "Your Score... 7 Jun 2010 06:22
MsgBox refer to seperate worksheet
Chris, Try it this way Sub Message() Dim txtScore As String txtScore = Sheets("Calculations").Range("G2").Text MsgBox "Your score is " & txtScore, vbInformation, " Risk Score" End Sub -- Mike When competing hypotheses are otherwise equal, adopt the hypothesis that introduces the fewest assumptions... 7 Jun 2010 08:33
Environ("username") in 2007
debug.Print Environ("username") does work on 2003 but not on 2007? I have read other posting with a similar question and it is written ther "problem is solved by changing the environmental variables" - how do you do that or any other suggestion? Many thanks, Dan ... 7 Jun 2010 09:40
Can I 'toggle' a toolbar button
Still using v.2003, how can I make a button that I put on my toolbar have two states like the 'bold', 'italic' or 'drawing-toolbar' buttons? these buttons appear 'illuminated' or 'depressed' when switched I hope that makes sense M ... 7 Jun 2010 07:27
automatically unprotect vba-project
Hi, is it possible to unprotect a password-protected excel-addin by code or does the user needs to enter it allways manually? neither the unprotect method of the coressponding workbook object nor the password-parameter of the "open" function seems to do what I need :-( kind regards ... 7 Jun 2010 05:17
Why does saving take SOOO long?
On my colleague's machine an Excel 2003 file takes 4 or 5 seconds to save On mine the same file take between 22 and 25 seconds. Why? My PC has a stonking big powerful dual-core processor (the laptop cost �1000) I have many gigs of free-space My disk is thoroughly defragged My colleague has a very run of t... 7 Jun 2010 09:40
Sync parts of two worksheets including formats
I am looking for a way to have a primary and secondary worksheet. I will make changes to the primary and want those mirrored on the secondaary sheet. I want o mirrow all changes, formatting, adding, deleing rows, columns, etc., not just the data. I know how to use the change event to mirror the data but no he... 7 Jun 2010 04:13
Float Menu Excel 2003 vs 2007
Hi All In a [2003] workbook I've got a "help sheet" with various help topics. When activated a float_menu appears from which the user can select a topic from a userform. This works great, however in 2007 the float_menu doesn't appear. Any suggestions ? As always any help will be much appreciated. This is my code... 7 Jun 2010 04:13
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