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Copy/Paste cells containing only numbers with .50 in it
I have been trying to come up with a formula that will read each cell in a column and copy & paste only the cells that contain numbers with .50. I can seem to properly configure the formula to read any whole number as long as it contains .50 in it. I want these vnumbers pasted into a seperate column. =IF(D21="... 2 Jun 2010 13:10
I have a pivot table with two levels of columns for example I have Period of the Month...and then under that...week in period...each period has 4 weeks.. but sometimes I may only have 1 week in a period.. how can i read the pivot table and determine how many weeks in a period are actually disp... 2 Jun 2010 15:24
I need to create a macro to just open the File SaveAs, the end user can save the file as any name or in any directory they choose. Thanks! ... 2 Jun 2010 10:56
Update datasource links programmatically
Greetings, I am trying to query a closed workbook that has datasource links. Is there a way to update datasource links programmatically? I can query and return info from other workbooks without links perfectly but I get Runtime error -2147467259(80004005) Could not decrypt file, when I try it with one with ... 2 Jun 2010 09:50
Disable print from standard toolbar button
Hi Folks, I have a workbook where I want users to be able to print only from the print controls I have on the worksheets. I have disabled all the print controls using: Private Sub Workbook_Activate() Dim Ctrl As Office.CommandBarControl For Each Ctrl In Application.CommandBars.FindControls(ID:=4) 'p... 2 Jun 2010 09:50
Adding to a list of codes
Hi In Excel 2003 I have a spreadsheet listing a large number of cost centres. Each month I am given a list of the cost centres and expenditure against them, which I want to use a look up to populate in to a master spreadsheet. However, during the month new cost centres could have been created. What I woul... 2 Jun 2010 12:03
pool league table setup
Hi I want to do a league table and fixture list on excel and for the table to sort itself out when I imput the results into the fixtures. the rows I want is obviously the team, played, won, lost, for, against and finally points, I will want 2 points for a win. Can anyone help how I can do this, I did do this ab... 2 Jun 2010 08:44
Server Busy message during printing from Excel after Off. 2003 SP2
Hello. I have an application written in MFC which reports some information to MS Excel. A "Server busy" dialog is displayed within processing after printing from Excel. After creating a report I'm calling: - Minimize my report application - Displaying Excel window - Print preview (user can print document) - ... 2 Jun 2010 06:34
How to open a password protected powerpoint file by Excel mac
If that works; you can combine all Sendkeys as below SendKeys "%FO" & strFile & "%O" & strPassWord & "~", True -- Jacob (MVP - Excel) "Jacob Skaria" wrote: Not an expert with PPT; but there is no way to check whether a presentation has got a password or presentations.Open do not have an option to ... 2 Jun 2010 06:34
Data Validation combo box click - 2007
I am trying to create data validation with larger text and have followed the instructions in here precisely but it's not working. I'm working in Excel 2007. Is there something different I need to do?? It appears to run a macro when I click on the cell but the validat... 2 Jun 2010 10:56
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