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2 processors
I too have been experiencing this problem and am keen to try the Sub SpeedUpMacro you've included, but I have probably 30 vba codes. Would I need to add this Sub SpeedUpMacro to all of those 30 or just one, and if just one, how do I know which one? Chris J_Knowles wrote: Sub SpeedUpMacro()Application.Scree... 1 Jun 2010 17:32
XL 2010: Parent of a Range can be a Shape?
Hi Anybody else noticed that: - in xl 2010 - if you have add a shape to a sheet - then ask: ? typename(activesheet.Shapes(1).TopLeftCell.Parent) you get the answer: Shape while in other versions of excel, you get: Worksheet (the later makes more sense to me, at least). Is that a bug or a 'weird' change ... 31 May 2010 20:47
Addressing HTMLText object in Spreadsheet VBA Script
I have a spreadsheet copied from a web page table, using Internet Explorer, and pasted into an Excel Spreadsheet. One of the data fields I need data from was presented as HTML Text Box form objects. These apparently pasted into the spread sheet as HTMLText Objects. They show the data, but it is not accessibl... 31 May 2010 18:36
The last day
Hi all Today is a sad day because tomorrow MS will close the Excel newsgroups. I want to say that I hade a great time in the Excel groups the last years. Sharing knowledge is a great thing After tomorrow we must use the MS forums and I hope it will give me the same fun as I hade with the newsgroups. Maybe... 2 Jun 2010 16:30
simple reszie
Would like to take a range and resize it by 2 columns less on the right and one column less on the bottom. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanx. -Mike ... 31 May 2010 15:18
simple resize
... 31 May 2010 15:18
Delete all rows where there is no entry in Column 'C'
Dear Experts: I got a multi-column, mulit-row table with numerous data records. Some records do not have any entry in Column 'C'. I now would like to be able via a macro to delete all records that do not have any entry in Column C. How is this achieved? Thank you very much in advance for your great help. ... 2 Jun 2010 02:16
Alterations/corrections on userform
Hi All On a userform I get the details of of a quote previously sent to a customer. I would like to edit/change some of the details, if possible on the same userform. I'm not sure how to go about this. Any ideas would be mush appreciated -- HJN ... 31 May 2010 21:52
How to create a function in a code sheet
Hi! I need to create a function that I will use in a worksheet. However, I need to create it in a worksheet code (not in a separate module, but in the "Microsoft Excel Objects"). I know it works for a macro, but not for a function. I tried to call my function with "private function", "public function", but it... 1 Jun 2010 14:12
Evaluate problem
This is an excerpt from some working code: With Workbooks("stations.xls").Sheets("Sheet1") Here = ActiveWorkbook.Name: .Activate ' See what is going on StationRow = Application.Match(EndStation, .Range("$A$1:$A$298"), 0) s = .Cells(StationRow, OfficeHoursCol).Formula s = Evaluate(GetSub(s, "^=HYPER... 31 May 2010 10:52
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