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In code, is it possible to set a worksheet to do a save when a cell value changes but only do the save for the cell - not for the full worksheet/workbook? ... 13 Mar 2010 05:23
ADO - Access to Excel
Trying to use ADO to move some data to Excel Excel shows an error when: Dim Connection As ADODB.Connection is executed. This is the program: Sub AccessToExcel() Dim DBFullName As String Dim Cnct As String, Src As String Dim Connection As ADODB.Connection Dim Recordset As ADODB.Recordset Dim Col As Integer ... 13 Mar 2010 13:07
Conditional Formatting of Percentages
I have a spreadsheet with 12 rows (one for each month), and 3 columns: Incidents Closed, Closed on Time, and Percentage Closed on Time. The data in the % Closed on Time is formula (=IF(E15=0,"",E16/E15). I'm trying to use Conditional Formatting Icon Sets, Traffic Signals as follows: >90% = Green, 80-89% =Yel... 12 Mar 2010 23:59
FYI: Microsoft admits Office patch gaffes
Just in case anyone's been experiencing problems after installing recent Office patch. Microsoft admits Office patch gaffes Recent updates for Office crash apps, turn English into Chinese, confirms company Link to Computerworld article: 12 Mar 2010 18:27
Open a file in another Workbook
Dim XLApp As Excel.Application Dim XLBook As Excel.Workbook Set XLApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application") 'how do you word the opening of another preexisting file different than 'the current activesheet using Early binding? How do you link the two? I tried: 'XLApp.Open ("c:\path\file.xls")... 12 Mar 2010 18:27
Repost - checking date of latest Forefront updates
Using VBA does anyone know how to retrieve the latest Forefront updates date? -- Steve ... 13 Mar 2010 02:09
mstsc from hyperlink
I have a sheet with several IP addresses on it and would like a hyperlink to open MSTSC to RDp to that particular IP address. The hyperlink I have now goes to C:\WINDOWS\system32\mstsc.exe But this just opens the mstsc prompt without an IP address. From the CMD promt I can type in C:\WINDOWS\system32\mstsc.exe... 12 Mar 2010 15:05
Excel VBA ?
In excel vba I want to add a line that displays the name of the workbook on a summary sheet Is there an automatic way to add the name without typing it in here's what I have so far: 'Enter Name ..Range ("B1") = "NAME" Thank you in advance !!! ... 12 Mar 2010 18:27
Merge multiple worksheets into one
I have excel reports I receive with information on a daily basis. These are saved in separate tabs within an excel workbook. I'm looking to add 2 things. 1. One tab with all the detail from the days (without having to copy and paste each day). I need to exclude the top few rows of the spreadsheet, as it ha... 12 Mar 2010 16:12
controlling chart location
I have a process for making some charts, which I then place into another sheet using 'activechart.location 2, sheetname'. Is there a way to control where on the new sheet this ends up? If I send several charts this way, they end up in the same location, so that I have to drag them over to see them all. Here is the ... 12 Mar 2010 15:05
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