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Query not showing certain records
HEEELLLLP I have a query which is used to feed to certain reports. It gathers information from 4 related tables and has a criteria under the order number of [Forms]![Order]![OrderNumber] this then produces the record for that specific number. However, I have appended some new data in (Database still being ... 15 Mar 2010 22:55
In Access 2010, how do I create a SQL query?
In older versions of Access, there was a View -> SQL View menu button. How do I get the SQL View with Access 2010? I need to create a query which contains a join operation. I don't think I can do this with the Query Design view. ... 14 Mar 2010 07:38
Filter For: menu item, custom menu
I have disabled menus and hot keys for users in my app. I need them to be able to use the right click menu in forms though mainly to use the Filter For: _______ option. Problem is, I cannot enable ONLY the right click menu bar, I cannot locate the Filter For:______ button to insert it in a custom menu. if a... 13 Mar 2010 15:22
Thanks in advance... I'm trying to parse the following field (Machine) to eliminate the "-SAP" How is this done? Many thanks, MC Machine DT-1-SAP EC-1600-SAP EC-1600-SAP EC-1600-SAP EC-1600-SAP EC-1600-SAP EC-1600YZT-SAP EC-2000-SAP ... 26 Mar 2010 19:15
create dropdown based on all people Not selectedyet to work onWork
I have a dropdown based on all employee. Once the person is Scheduled to work on a given Workdate (of the record I am Sitting on ) field Name is workdate I would like that name to be eliminated from the dropdown when to new workdate- would LIke drop down to show All People Not scheduled yet for that Given rec... 12 Mar 2010 19:34
Using Functions in Queries/Assigning Values to Non-numericalEntri
How many values do you have? And how is the data structured? If you have many values, I would build a table of equivalence. Letters LetterValue A 1 P 0 TA .5 .... Then IF your table structure was correct you could easily generate the sum SELECT Sum(Equivalent.LetterValue) as TheSum FROM SomeTable... 12 Mar 2010 17:20
Finding the space in a text string and returning text on eithersi
If you ALWAYS have City Name space and State code then it is simple StateCode: Right([Your Field],2) CityName: Trim(Left([Your Field],Len([YourField])-2)) Using InstrRev CityName: Left("Las Vegas NV",InStrRev("Las Vegas NV"," ")-1) StateCode: Mid("Las Vegas NV",InStrRev("Las Vegas NV"," ")+1) It gets a litt... 12 Mar 2010 13:56
Action Query Slow and Hourglass Method
Two questions if you please. When my database opens it runs an action query that deletes the records in a temp table that is used as the record source for a phone indiex form and then reloads the newest 300,000+ records. This technique really helped to speed up the form with the phone index however, the end-u... 12 Mar 2010 17:20
The best way to set up a payment schedule...PLEASE HELP!!!
I'm working on a database for commission payments and want to know what's the best way for me to set up a payment schedule. I have several different types of commissions and the payment scheduling varies depending on the type. For example: Type 1 - One payment, due within 2 months of submission Type 2 - One... 12 Mar 2010 11:40
Access search text string for char, then extract all to right?
My imported string looks like this ACH SOC SEC 310*First Last I want to access to find the * in the string then extract First Last ... 12 Mar 2010 11:40
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