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Can't get my head around this!
I have a table that records when a form is returned (by year, 2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11), every company in the table is sent a form. When the business returns the form, their record is updated with the year and the date when it was returned. I am trying to figure out how to enter criteria into a query so that... 13 Apr 2010 10:36
select and count
I have data to report on by area, priority and days past due (positive and negative) eg 0-6 7-14 15-28 etc Newbee to Access, trying to create query by the above critera. I can get the query to sort by 0-6 etc but how to count as well? Your wisdom is much appreciated. AJ ... 14 Apr 2010 00:03
Rank and row number in Access?
I am trying to general a query where by their is ranking within groups like the table below: firm-id rank 1 1 1 2 2 3 want: firm-id rank 1 1 1 2 1 3 2 1 2 2 3 1 DP file are row number and rank not valid functions in the ADP file? ... 13 Apr 2010 08:22
Value in union query
I have used union queries before but since I am not much of a SQL person I am having a little trouble with the following: I have a table called Jobs and I want to return all the values in the job name filed. However I also want to add one more value - a hard coded value called "Manager Override" to the values ret... 12 Apr 2010 20:23
please explain [], . and !
When I look at SQL versions of code created in design view, I see many different ways of referencing fields in a table. Please explain the differences and why to use what... table.field [table].[field] [table].field table!field [table]![field] [table]!field Phil ... 12 Apr 2010 18:09
sum a count column in query
Hi, I have the following fields (Acorn Catergory, CL Code). I have a query that will group by Acorn Catergory then group by CL Code and then count by CL Code. This result shows me under each Acorn Catergory which CL Codes are there and how many records that CL Code has entered for that Acorn Catergory. What... 12 Apr 2010 15:55
Select, update query--same query, different result
Hi I have an existing Update query that I just copied and converted to a Select query. When I run it as an Update query, I get 4 records. However, when I run it as a Select query, I get 411 records. It is the same query with the exception of Select vs. Update. Anyone know why this is? Paul ... 12 Apr 2010 17:03
Average time from date column?
I have a column that is in general date format, 6/19/2007 5:34:23 PM. In another column I have a value between 10 and around 50. What I have to do is get the average of this number by time in a day. So if the number is 10 all day, then the average is 10. If the number is changed during the day, say its 5 for h... 14 Apr 2010 12:12
Combine multiple tables with different date ranges
Hi everyone, I really need help please. I apologise in advance if my description is difficult to follow. I am very new to Access and have the following problem: Table 1 consists of: Machine ID (from another table) Downtime (calculated in queries from DateDiff expression based on Start Date & Time and End Da... 12 Apr 2010 22:34
pattern of data
I have a table in the below format- For example Customer A and Dzip 678 is being served from ozip 099 twice and 011 once ozip dzip customer 099 678 A 011 678 A 099 678 A 121 875 B 122 875 B 122 875 B I need the below format for the above table. the data in the brackets ... 11 Apr 2010 23:26
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