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Average interpurchase times
Table is organized like this: Date Purchase Quantity 01/02/2010 12 01/23/2010 45 05/04/2010 10 07/06/2010 5 .... How do I calculate the average time between purchase? Thank you for any help you can provide. Drew Yallop -- Drew Yallop ... 15 Apr 2010 09:11
Date Query
for your first question: create a query and enable the "Totals" option (you can right click in the query and enable this). Choose your date field, and set the Total function to "Group By". Choose your unique field for the people (employeeID or whatever) and set that to "Count". That will give you a count o... 15 Apr 2010 10:17
Need to migrate phone no into the next record if the family
Hi I need to create a formula/sql that brings the previous record forward. I have a phone number which needs to be populated into the next record where the family member is the same. I did this in an IF statement in excel. but in Access I could not make it look up the previous continues record to update the n... 14 Apr 2010 06:36
SQL to export query into table
Is there an SQL code or command in MS Access that allows me to export query results into an table. I'm not worried about the redundancy part as it's a small table. The problem is, I am not able to update a table using data from a querry that has joins with other table. Thanks ... 13 Apr 2010 20:43
problem with "#"
Access 2003. I have this criteria: Like "*" & [Forms]![Main Menu]![cbAllergen] & "*" This criteria is used to find values in a concatenated string. It works fine EXCEPT if something like "Yellow #5" is in the concatenated string. I've tested it and it appears that the "#" is what's frsutrating Access. Do... 14 Apr 2010 22:17
Insert Multiple Records into a Table
Can I insert multiple records into a table using "INSERT INTO"., it seems it can insert only one record at one time. INSERT INTO Table1 (F1, F2, F3, F4) VALUES ( 'CCP', 0.0115, 0.008202, 120) Is there an alternate way to insert multiple records in MS Access Table using a query. Please help. Thanks. ... 13 Apr 2010 17:22
Help with sample query.
Hi - I need to run a query to find out in a tableA field gender has some other value than 1,2,3. But this will product all records ! It was included 1,2,3,4,5...8,9. If I using "AND" then it come out just records 4,5,6,7,8,9 Is it weird ? Thank you for any reply . SELECT * FROM TableA WHERE gender<>1 OR gen... 14 Apr 2010 00:03
Opinion about aggregates
I'm fairly new to Access so this may be an inane question to all those experienced people out there. My question is about the use of aggregates in a query. I'm noticing that designing queries with aggregates might lead to problems. Is it best to not build queries with aggregates if you can avoid it? Thank... 14 Apr 2010 02:14
Extracting data from string
I'd like to extract data from a string variable. The data mostly looks like this: '456 585 8975 / MSKI 105'. An added complication is that the second part of the string does not have a consistent format. The format of the first part is always the same. I need to extract into two parts either side of the '/'. I... 19 Apr 2010 05:21
Include certain names in query
HI, I have a query that shows all the sales against all sales reps and another with all sales against a specified rep, what I need is sales against a selection of reps. we have 5 reps and I need the results for 3 of them in one report. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Charlotte ... 13 Apr 2010 08:22
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