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回覆: Select Max, return unwanted rows.
Hi Stefan, Access complained that syntax error in join. Will that be the problem of having no "AS"? Let me try to put "AS" in and see if it works. Thanks. "Stefan Hoffmann" <ste5an(a)> �b�l�� news:ObL5xAS5KHA.5880(a)TK2MSFTNGP04.phx.gbl �����g... hi Aldred, On 26.04.2010 08:35, Aldred(a)offic... 28 Apr 2010 01:48
回覆: Select Max, return unwanted rows.
Thanks. It works just what I want. I will need to study why this query works but mine doesn't. "KARL DEWEY" <KARLDEWEY(a)> 在郵件 news:95304482-1547-4E14-A867-B0A877AEAB31(a) 中撰寫... UNTESTED UNTESTED Try this -- Select PartNumID, Charge, ChargeDate from tClient i... 28 Apr 2010 01:48
Union query not displaying select statement
I have a union query which provides column totals for a detail query. Everything works as expected but for some reason when I run the query the results will not always display the last select statement - "Percent of total" row. The odd occurence is if I run the query with a filter that limits the records to one... 27 Apr 2010 19:06
sum weekly data into monthly
I want to sum weekly data into monthly data by SKU. I have two tables. the first looks like this: sku 20100426 20100503 20100510 20100517 20100524 abc 200 300 200 150 150 where the column heading of 20100426 = week ending 4/26/2010 the second table looks like this: DATE Fiscal Month 20100426 6 20... 27 Apr 2010 12:12
Long list of fields, how to check if either is null
I have a query with 10 fields. I need the query to return only the records where one of the 10 fields is NULL. The design window only allow 8 'levels' of criteria... ... 27 Apr 2010 13:21
Query ask for parameter value?
Hi, I biult a query from another one. When I run the query, Access keep ask the value of M and F. When I click OK I get the result that I want. Is there a way to tell Access not to display dialog asking for value of M and F? SELECT NumberOfCitizenSpeakingByQuarter.Quaters, Sum(NumberOfCitizenSpeakingByQuart... 27 Apr 2010 02:09
Calender to switch to the month
Hi, I posted the following more than 24 hrs ago. I know all the Microsoft MVPs are volunteers. I am willing to wait for few more days. But in the event that some of the MVPs have seen this post and think it is not possible or advisable please let me know. This is what was posted: One of the control on ... 27 Apr 2010 01:04
is there a way to get around this?? i have an access database that is set up with a link to a text file that is created via teradata sql assistant. this text file is used to create (and once created, append going forward) a table within access. my problem is that access is not reading the text file correctly... 26 Apr 2010 22:52
Help with expression for Qtr
I'm not very good yet with writing expressions. How would I convert this expression to get the quarter? Month_1: Sum(IIf([TransDate] Between ([Forms]![frmVariance]![txtMo1]) And DateAdd("m",1,([Forms]![frmVariance]![txtMo1]))-1,[tblTrans_Mstr].[Labor_Cost],0)) Thanks for any help. ... 26 Apr 2010 21:45
Updateable Query Problem
I have a table with an autonum primary key. I'm unable to create a key using several fields because two of the fields which should be part of the key can be null. I am using this table as a temp table and need to test the data for possible user errors. I've created an error# field in the table where I would ... 27 Apr 2010 13:21
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