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Need some query help.....
I'm very new to Access. I was wondering how I could display a field in a query that is conditional. I will do my best to explain... I want to add a field to my query that grabs the info from Project.Badge or Project.BadgeET depending on if the field TestType is displaying "Eng" or "Pkg" so it would be som... 6 May 2010 09:40
Help! Unmatched Data Query
Hello! Here's what I'm trying to do, I'm not sure if an Unmatched Data Query is the best answer or that this can even be done in Access. I have one table that users request changes to a billing code (The billing code table has about 20 columns). Our team updates the system (an internal program, not Access) based... 5 May 2010 12:40
Check Box query help
Morning all, looking for some more help from my gurus. What I have: A table with 4 or 5 text fields, and 8 Check Boxes. What I want: A query that will allow me to Query a couple of those check boxes that will return both. IE: one box - Simple Two checked, - return records with BOTH check boxes selected... 5 May 2010 16:03
Two records one row
I have a table that has 2 records per id. I want to display in a query each value as a record. So if Id 123 has a record with the value of 7 and another record with the value of 8 I want a query to display 123, 7, 8. Is this possible? ... 5 May 2010 10:26
Kindly explain to us what this expression actually means. i got it from the sample database 2007 temlate Qty To Reorder: IIf([Qty Below Target Level]>0,IIf([Qty Below Target Level]<[Minimum ReOrder Quantity],[Minimum Reorder Quantity],[Qty Below Target Level]),0) ... 5 May 2010 09:20
Add Fields from Record
I have two tables. One has a unique PersonID with a lot of information about the person (one to one). Another table has one to many records with addresses associated with people. The 2nd table has an addressID and the same person can have several address. Each address has an address type. As it turns out, ... 5 May 2010 09:20
Make Table query, but remove character from field
I already have a rroutine set up and part of that is a make table query. One of my fields has some values as G35.X and some as G35X. I want to make this field in my make table query read G35X for all. I do not want to run update queries or find/replace and want in my make table definition some code that when c... 5 May 2010 09:20
How do i get the product of max. price in access2007 query?
in query i want to get product ID with the Max. or Min. price ... 5 May 2010 08:14
Am unable to post queries, just testing ... 5 May 2010 02:48
Test message
... 5 May 2010 01:44
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