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Disclaimer. This is for fun with 2 the DB's

Not yet. David knows as you notice he is keeping quiet on this. There is a
difference falling from 3 feet or falling from 200 feet. When you and Dave will get
to 200 feet then I will post it. Want to see what happens after a high fall like
that. So keep on climbing DB (Jenn not David who is also DB) Hint it starts with
D****e and can also start with David)

"Jenn" <nope(a)noway.atnohow.anyday> wrote in message
> SeaNymph wrote:
>> You're a fine one to tell people to produce, or as you so childishly
>> put it...put up or shut up. You don't, why should anyone else?
> HelloooOooOoooo? Mr. Foldes said, "I can back up everything I said on a Hard Copy"
> to which I responded, " Go for it ... put up or shut up. :) "
> --
> Jenn (from Oklahoma)
>> "Jenn" <nope(a)noway.atnohow.anyday> wrote in message
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>>> Peter Foldes wrote:
>>>> BD,Boater Dave,David Brooks and all the other names you use which is
>>>> too long to post here
>>> ... normal for the internet
>>> <snip clap trap>
>>>> Jenn you buddy buddy apparently suffers from the same. Takes one to
>>>> know one
>>> <looks at self> I'm not suffering from anything in particular..
>>> although I live with type 2 diabetes and my feet hurt off and on.
>>>> BTW. I can back up everything I said on a Hard Copy but to be more
>>>> enjoyable for everyone I will wait with doing it and let you bury
>>>> yourself further and deeper. Jenn will love it. PROMISE
>>> Go for it ... put up or shut up. :) and btw .. his wifes name
>>> isn't Thrish.
>>> --
>>> Jenn (from Oklahoma)

From: Peter Foldes on

Why is it you have not found anybody yet. Please help yourself and come out. I am
sure others can help you in you quest

"Jenn" <me(a)nowhere.whocareswhatthisemailisanyway> wrote in message
> "Aardvark" <aardvark(a)youllnever.know> wrote in message
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>> On Tue, 16 Mar 2010 11:28:44 -0500, Jenn wrote:
>>> "SeaNymph" <SeaNympy(a)> wrote in message
>>> news:hno94n$dpi$1(a)
>>>> Why do you feel such a need As I said recently, her need, love and body oozes
>>>> from
>> every post she makes.
>>I need to find somebody that will be easy on me So far, I haven't read anything to
>>change that conclusion.
> well........ guess my optimism gets the better of me at times.....
> --
> Jenn (from Oklahoma)

From: ~BD~ on
SeaNymph wrote:
> No, I don't need to do any such thing. I asked you a direct question which
> you won't answer.
> So be it.

I answered your questions - you simply didn't like my answers. <s>

Whilst you probably won't believe this, I received an email this morning
promoting a new book.

""Never before has a book been written that openly shares the true
life-changing accounts of ordinary people who have heard God's Voice.

"When God Spoke to Me: The Inspiring Stories Of Ordinary People Who Have
Received Divine Guidance and Wisdom" shares seventy poignant stories
written by men and women from around the world whose lives have changed
in profound and unexpected ways as a result of hearing God's Voice.

These stories have been gathered together to show the world that God
speaks to all of us � in countless different ways � and that we all
possess an intimate and often untapped connection with God, regardless
of our personal struggles, our backgrounds or our faith.""

You will find details here:

On reflection, I'll post the original email header below which you *may*
accept as authentic as to when I received it. It *is* original!



Header information.

Please note that it arrived at my AOL address, further confirmation that
I have *not* been banned as alleged by Peter Foldes!

From: DavidPaul Doyle <love(a)>
Subject: I have something remarkable to share with you
Date: 17 March 2010 07:00:00 GMT
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From: Bullwinkle on
Did you meet bd through the UK dating site?

He did not mention children there.

"Jenn" <nope(a)noway.atnohow.anyday> wrote in message
~BD~ wrote:
> SeaNymph wrote:
>> So, what exactly are you saying?
> I'm saying that I tell the truth - and Jenn knows that.
>> Are you saying that you know Jenn knows the truth because God told
>> you that?
> No, that is not what I said.
> You must decide for yourself and/or pray for guidance, Linda.

She can't because she doesn't believe that way.

Jenn (from Oklahoma)

From: Bullwinkle on
Your web forum gets no traffic!....LOL

You do not know BD's stroy is true.

You must also lie,

You are a control freak.

"Jenn" <nope(a)noway.atnohow.anyday> wrote in message
Peter Foldes wrote:
> BD
> Just to add
> Why were you banned from AOL,Annexcafe,Ahuma and why are you posts
> deleted off the MS servers. The latter is just the iceberg of
> organizations' and groups that have banned you.

I hate to tell you this, but being banned from space on the internet isn't a
big deal. It's air with people trying to control it for the sake of pushing
their own personal agenda's. I bought my own piece of air space ... ain't
it grand that we all can have our own piece of the pie .. free speech and
all. You say potaaaato .. and I say potaahto ... AOL/AC/Ahuma are all just
tiny pieces of air in a huge sky.... that would make anyone boasting that
they haven't been banned from a tiny pc of air look a bit silly, pretty
much. Who cares? There's always more air space a person can go out an

> Can you explain to us why and why are they at fault and in you own
> observation why these things happen.

Well.. I sure can explain it. There are people out there who fancy
themselves to be in control (control freaks) of the air space and when
people come along who aren't butt kissers, a clash begins to take place
between the people who fancy themselves as being 'in control' of the air
space and those who aren't 'butt kissers'. The clash often results in the
control freaks attempting to banish those who "disobeyed" the rules written
on the wind and often times hope that those who are banished will take it as
a sign that they have been 'bad'.

The expectation is that such a banned person will reign in their disobedient
self and take their punishment like adults.. BECAUSE ... of course (said
with sarcasm) the control freaks deem that the person deserves punishment,
which is banishment from the group. Now, the problem with that scenario is
that control freaks can't get their "fix" off of the punishment they tried
to impose unless the banish-ee is seen to be humbled and somehow repents for
their "obvious" transgressions against the control freaks group. IF, they
don't take their punishment to heart, then, of course, the control freaks
must make sure they let everyone else know just how BAD the banish-ee is
because many people don't have the ability to think for themselves and
prefer someone else to think for them... ergo ... they just do what their
control freak management tells them to do because it's easy and comfy that
way. Weaks minds actually need the control freaks to coddle them that way.

Are you following me so far?

Jenn (from Oklahoma)