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SeaNymph wrote:
> You cannot be serious?

I am *absolutely* serious.

> God told Jenn you were telling the truth?

That is something which Jenn must answer.

Dave - I once explained to you *why* I was banned from Annexcafe.

From: SeaNymph on
So, what exactly are you saying? Are you saying that you know Jenn knows
the truth because God told you that?

"~BD~" <> wrote in message
> SeaNymph wrote:
>> You cannot be serious?
> I am *absolutely* serious.
>> God told Jenn you were telling the truth?
> That is something which Jenn must answer.
> --
> Dave - I once explained to you *why* I was banned from Annexcafe.

From: Peter Foldes on
BD,Boater Dave,David Brooks and all the other names you use which is too long to
post here

ROFLMAO. This is easy. You had no son that passed away. You were dismissed from Her
Majesties Service which you posted yourself in 2006. You applied to a dating service
on the Net and I have the snapshot of your page. Was told by many but especially by
the boating club that you frequent that you have no boat. The photos that you posted
of your boat is not yours but belongs to Mr.James Wilkinson. I can go on and on but
what is the point David,you just keep denying it. Thrish your lovely wife keeps in
touch with some of us and she has told us everything and asked us to humor you since
you have a disease which is not physical and that is the reason why you were
dismissed from the Navy of Her majesties Service. You dislike Jewish people and you
discriminate against all who is not of Anglo Saxon origin.
Jenn you buddy buddy apparently suffers from the same. Takes one to know one

BTW. I can back up everything I said on a Hard Copy but to be more enjoyable for
everyone I will wait with doing it and let you bury yourself further and deeper.
Jenn will love it. PROMISE

From: Peter Foldes on

Just to add

Why were you banned from AOL,Annexcafe,Ahuma and why are you posts deleted off the
MS servers. The latter is just the iceberg of organizations' and groups that have
banned you.

Can you explain to us why and why are they at fault and in you own observation why
these things happen.

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Jenn wrote:
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> news:UaKdnV5Uusz0JAPWnZ2dnUVZ8mGdnZ2d(a)
>> Jenn wrote:
> <snip>
>>> umm ... being an intermediary between two men who aren't getting along
>>> is
>>> like asking to have my head scalped, and then beat to a bloody pulp and
>>> doing so voluntarily.<g> It's possible to do, but I could come out of
>>> it
>>> more injured than either one of you. :D LOL That's not to say I
>>> haven't
>>> been an intermediary before and done so successfully.<g> It takes time
>>> and there are rules to follow as far as communicating in that sort of
>>> setting.
>> I'll be gentle with you! :)
> uh huh LOL but what if I'm not gentle with the two of you? Huh? huh? :D

I'm not looking for preferential treatment.

>>> Skype will only do 1-video to 1-video .. it won't do video with 3 people
>>> at
>>> a time, but it will do a conference voice chat with 3 people at the same
>>> time, which is kind of cool.
>> I understand. If Peter Foldes *agrees* to have a video Skype call with
>> you, and does, it will clear him of any suspicion of being a bad guy.
>> If he will not - well, it will simply confirm my fears, eh? ;)
> Well ... I'm guessing he won't be willing. Many men aren't good
> communicators.. they prefer the 'bull in china closet' approach and if that
> doesn't work they move on to the
> 'let-me-see-just-how-many-buttons-I-can-push' approach which usually
> involves alot of poking at the other persons hot buttons just to see how
> much of a reaction they can get.

I'm confident that PF will not accept such a challenge.

>>>> I won't hold my breath! :)
>>>> If you *do* manage it, then I'm a Dutch Muslim!
>>> haahahahaa ... I dunno.. Dave .. Seems you two have been going at it a
>>> long time. I'm not saying either one of you is right or wrong...
>>> probably
>>> both of you have been right and wrong on occasion. It just seems like
>>> you
>>> both are old enough to find a way to get past your differences, but it
>>> takes
>>> both of you to get there.... just saying...... it could happen if ya'll
>>> want it to.
>> Well - he lies; I tell the truth. Simple as that!
> It's either that.. or he just resorts to the latter method of male
> communication that I mentioned above.

Mr Foldes has told blatant lies for years. I've found a bit of 'history'
which you may wish to peruse!

I hope it confirms many of the things I've mentioned!