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RaidTec FlexArray RAID configuration
Hi, I need to understand what's wrong in a SCSI storage enclosure like this: It was mounted on a Linux system, and suddenly appeared to have bad filesystem errors. I couldn't work around the problem in any way through software. I'd like to check its RAID co... 24 Sep 2009 17:17
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Seagate ST32000542AS & ST31500541AS -- specs
Looking at Table 1 on page 10 of the following document, I see that the 1.5TB and 2.0TB drives both have 4 platters and 8 heads, and identical data densities. Barracuda LP Series SATA Product Manual: In fact the only ... 17 Sep 2009 21:33
external enclose 3.5" eSATA recommendations? (or not-recommendations)
I need to get external enclosures for two Hitachi 3.5" HDD. One is 320 GB, the other is 1 TB. I need both USB and eSATA (at 3.0, not 1.5!) Can anyone recommend or not-recommend specific models? The case has to be strong enough to protect the drive when carried around in a laptop bag or in luggage. A case ... 5 Sep 2009 20:53
Pioneer DVR-212DD or Sony/NEC (AD-7220S-0B or AD-7200S-0B)?
Hi all. I am debating on which SATA DVD+CD burner to get for my next computer upgrade. I am still using my old Plextor CD burner and it is time to retire it and go DVD! Which one would you pick -- PioneerDVR-212DD or Sony/NEC (AD-7220S-0B or AD-7200S-0B)? They cost about 30 bucks. I will be doing CD and DVD b... 22 Dec 2008 17:04
Connecting WD My Book through ESATA vs. USB
A friend of mine has a 500GB WD My Book. It's got one wierd issue, and that is that you can't read its SMART info when it's being connected via ESATA, but it works perfectly fine when connected through USB. My assumption was that SMART only works through ESATA not USB, but it seems to be exactly the opposite here. ... 17 Dec 2008 01:39
Cancel backup on Buffalo Linkstation
Same problem here, I can't get rid of the backup in progress message. So far, I haven't found any solution, if anyone has please share! ... 5 Oct 2008 22:27
dynanic vs basic disks
As part of my work on copying files from a laptop, i tangentially came across the topic of dynamic vs basic disks. I am looking for some validation/verification of the following: From my reading, it seems that basic disks are more "portable" (i.e. recognized by more OSs and usable in more situations) but any ch... 30 Sep 2008 04:18
File system on the HD of a DVD recorder
Hi group, I know this is not a bina fide ibm.pc question, but where else to ask? I have this Sony DVD Recorder, RDR-HX710 with a built in hard drive, WD 160 GB. Late one night my fingers where faster than my brain and rather than reformatting a RW DVD I reformatted the HD, and lost all the cool stuff I had rec... 5 Oct 2008 18:22
WD MyBook Essential 320GB Speed?
I purchased the external WD Essential 320GB to replace my external WD 80GB drive. When launching programs from the Essential, it is very slow compared to the WD 80GB drive I replaced. Both drives are external and connected via a USB2.0 port. What can I do to speed up the access to the program launching and oth... 15 Sep 2008 03:02
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