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Recommendations for 1 TB drive?
I am looking for a 1 TB HDD to go into my Dell PowerEdge 400SC, which I use as a general purpose desktop running Mandriva Linux.This is to replace an existing ST3400633 SATA drive. The old drive is working fine, but is about 3 years old, so I want to pre-emptively replace it. I am thinking of the WD Caviar Gr... 22 Jan 2010 20:50
Why isn't the sector reallocating?
Here's the SMART report from Everest about this drive. It's got one Pending Sector, one Offline Uncorrectable Sector, and one Reallocated Sector already. So one sector got reallocated, while the other one is pending and/or uncorrectable. What would the explanation for this be? Yousuf Khan [ Maxtor 6L30... 21 Jan 2010 18:02
Bad Sectors
Gary wrote: What does it usually mean when I run a disk scan for bad sectors on c drive and the result is "Windows was unable to complete the disk scan" The symptom is a blue screen saying that there is most likely a bad piece of hardware. Download the free Everest utilities, from the following web... 26 Jan 2010 01:08
AHCI mode & XP
Been trying to enable AHCI mode in the BIOS of my new motherboard, but XP always ends in failure. I have Ubuntu Linux in multi-boot, and that has absolutely no problems booting from a SATA drive running in AHCI mode. Try to boot the XP in the same mode, and it reboots right away. I've tried pre-installing (with... 20 Jan 2010 04:00
Remote undelete?
Is there some undelete software that can run only locally and undelete from a mapped network ntfs disk without the aid of an client/agent installed/running on that remote computer? ... 22 Jan 2010 04:00
What kind of 2.5" HD adapter do I need?
Hello, I decided to replace HD in my laptop. It is HP Pavilion DV2000. I need some kind of adapter to connect it to my desktop (my desktop have SATA and IDE drives) to clone the old HD to a new one. It says my disk is SATA Serial - but I see it is not regular SATA adapter. Here are pictures of my HD: http://ww... 17 Jan 2010 23:56
Windows can't handle NTFS on external hard disks?
Yousuf Khan wrote: Mark Hobley wrote: Have you changed something on the system? Has the harware changed? Has any software been updated? (Beware of automatic updates) Actually, the only change that I made to the system is that I added a second external USB HD to it. It had a previous USB HD alr... 13 Jan 2010 15:27
Parallel ATA controllers compatible with Windows 7 ?
Does anyone make a PATA controller with Win7 drivers? I've been looking at the VIA chipset boards, but I can't find Win7 drivers on their site. ... 12 Jan 2010 16:19
Hands-on with the ioSafe Solo external hard drive
End User Blog For the uninitiated, the ioSafe Solo is really the Helm's Deep (Wikipedia:'s_Deep ) of external hard drives. For those among us with the desire to preserve data in the face of total meltdown, ioSafe does just that: according to the company the ioSafe Solo can ... 9 Jan 2010 07:27
Follow up to defrag validity discussion: please read
Not my words but wanted your input on the below: especially Rod Speed. "And then there are people who do more than write for magazines, have decades of real-world experience, who work with small systems to systems with hundreds of terra-bytes.... My experience with Windows NTFS and file fragmentation gives me 1... 12 Jan 2010 08:04
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