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S.M.A.R.T. reallocated sector count failure
Hello, All! I checked the health of my drives, 2 SATA (Raid0), and 2 IDE drives. All of them are showing ID5 reallocated sector count failures. I can understand one showing this but all of them?? Any ideas what could cause this? Thanks, Colonel Blip. E-mail: --... 28 Feb 2006 18:11
IBM NetVista 8305-TWS Fan not working please help
I opened my PC to update from 128 to 276 RAM memory and I noticed that just the Power Supply fan is working, the system and CPU fans are not working. I double checked connections but all seem to be OK. Is normal for this PC to do that? Will those fans work when needed? Please help Thanks in advance. ... 9 Feb 2006 07:56
Fujitsu MHS2060AT HDD Repair
Hi all. My Fujitsu MHS2060AT 2.5" HDD has malfunctioned. It is no longer visible in BIOS. I'm fairly certain the problem is electronic and some surfing suggests it may be a dodgy controller chip. Has anyone anyone any experience of repairing this (or a related) drive and could share some tips? Regards. ... 8 Mar 2006 08:46
Offline and unreadable sectors on new HD
Hi, I've setup a brand new Maxtor 300 Gb drive, and smartd keeps telling me this : Device: /dev/hdd, 100 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors Device: /dev/hdd, 104 Offline uncorrectable sectors I wonder if this something acceptable for such a big drive, or a sign that it won't live very long. Full smart... 30 Jan 2006 15:27
What is SPIFFI
What is SPIFFI and what is its relation to storage system? When I start Qlogic's SANSurfer Pro HBA management software, its gives me a warning that the attached device (an IBM DS4300) is non-SPIFFI compliant. Product documentation doesn't throw much light on it. - Siddhartha ... 10 Jan 2006 08:09
PC3000 ISA - BASIC COURSE Basic course of the PC3000 complex hardware and software system. Here the user will have the opportunity to learn what is PC3000 and how to setup it. The HDDLAB company is the result of years of work and study of a professional that start it in 1986, in the begun HDLLAB was a company ... 5 Jan 2006 06:36
USB HD no longer recognized!
I bought a new 80G Toshiba 2.5" HD to use as a backup USB drive for my ancient desktop. I run Win 98SE on the 233Mhz desktop. At first the desktop couldn't see more than 10G of the USB drive. Someone suggested updating the Fdisk to a newer version. I did and bingo, it could now see 80G. I partitioned the driv... 12 Jan 2006 12:59
Maxtor hdd crash (track 0 corruption ?)
3 days before my system unexpectedly restated and HDD refused to pass the POST test (Bios detects the HDD name but not the exact name which was detected before the crash).it just says ***** Hard Disk Fail ! (press F1 to contiune). i tried everything , changnig the HDD master/slave,primary/secondary. i even found a... 14 Oct 2005 21:27
BartPE and Smart Arrary 6i driver
In my work place I have an HP Proliant 380 G4 server with a 300GB hard drive using HP Smart Array 6i controller. Trying to boot up the system in Bart-PE but the later cannot see the hard drive because it does not have the 6i driver. Since this server does not have a floopy disk, there is no way to boot up Ba... 10 Sep 2005 23:38
Ever-popular Maxtor DiamondMax 8 "N40P" firmware failure
I recently was given ten DiamondMax 8 drives from Maxtor. (Of course, they're all out of warranty.) All of them exhibit the well-known "N40P" problem due to the drives losing their on-disk firmware. As a result, they fail upon every boot-up. Sometimes they appear as drive "N40P" (Maxtor's internal descripti... 6 Sep 2005 23:33
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