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Creating an event by force.
Hello, I want to create an event by force. How can I do that ? (for example : ToolStrip.ItemClicked event) Thanks :) ... 11 Jun 2010 09:14
Make a component on runtime.
Hello. I want to design a screen. There are some compoents on screen, which I can drop on. I.e : Button. So, it should act as button at the design time. How can I drop real button on the screen (a panel), and don't have a chance to click on it (I don't want any event occurs on the new button, because it shou... 12 Jun 2010 10:27
Inheritance and COM
I have a Class Library that I am writing that is COM visible to maintain a VB6 app. In this Class Library I have the following classes. Public Class SomeBaseObject Public Function DoSomething() as Boolean ..... End Function .... End Class <ComClass(Item.ClassId, Item.InterfaceId, Ite... 10 Jun 2010 20:11
checking whether the current object is a specific class.
Hello. I need to check whether the current object Is a specific class, For example : function a(b as object) ' I need to check here, whether b is Button class. ' How can I do that ? end function Thanks :) ... 11 Jun 2010 12:35
Datagridview selected rows
I want to get the first selected row of DataGridView Selected Rows. The goal is that I would hold down CTRL or SHIFT and select multiple rows, then I could click a button or menuitem and update all selected rows with a value from the first selected row. For example in crystal reports you hold down shift and click ... 10 Jun 2010 14:35
ToolStrip - how I can make rectangle on the last selected item ?
Hello. I am using toolstrip. I want to make rectangle on the selected item only. How can I do that ? Thanks :) ... 10 Jun 2010 15:42
Hello. I am using toolStrip object. The toolStrip is a vertical toolstrip. Each toolStripItem is aligned to center, but I want to align it to the left. How can I do that ? Thanks :) ... 10 Jun 2010 13:26
VS 2008 Windows Forms project will not start
Hi I have created a new Windows Forms project in Visual Studio 2008 (SP1) - this is running on Windows XP Professional When I click the "Play/Start" button in the IDE to start the debugging of the project, the IDE responds by momentarily seemingly to start the project but then instantly terminates it with... 10 Jun 2010 19:04
How to make a DLL usable from VB6
Hi, I have been trying to build a DLL in vb2008, that can be called from a VB6 application.. So far I have got the DLL to be registered on the VB6 machine ok, but it can't see any of my interfaces/functions. So I figure my class is configured ok, but the functions are not.. (I have the COMM Class and COM Visi... 19 Jun 2010 06:57
Reading from LDAP searchresults
Hi, After I retrieved data from my companies AD, done in less then 1 sec, I want to read that data into a dataset. I do that with: Dim cn() As Object For Each src As SearchResult In sr rw = dsData.Tables("managers").NewRow If src.GetDirectoryEntry().Properties("cn").Value IsNot Noth... 10 Jun 2010 08:54
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