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Referencing to a specific instance of a program
Hi all, I have .Net 2005 Pro. I want to create a VB application where I can manage Excel. From Excel I want to launch that application, this application have to start, recognize witch instance of Excel was the launcher and write something into some cells. Sometimes I noted that I have more than one instance... 14 Jun 2010 04:06
Disable loading of images in WebBrowser control
Hello! How can I disable loading images in the webbrowser control? ... 10 Jun 2010 17:56
Need assistance with Detailsview and passing values to a textbox
Hi I have a Multiview with two views. Both views each have a detailsview control with several textbox's and AutoGenerateEditButton="True". During Update I am trying to insert a value to the product textbox based on the option chosen from a dropdown but am having problems. Could someone please help. The err... 9 Jun 2010 17:36
Using several bindingSource on the same datatable.
Hello. I need an example, please, of using serveral bindingSource on the same datatable. (Manually - not directly to DataGridView). I am changing a specific row (several columns). After that I open a window, and change only one column. On the old & new window I can change the columns, and have other bindingSo... 9 Jun 2010 14:13
create eventhandler
Hi, I have a windows applicaiton with a datagridview on a form. In my code I can call the ClearSelection method of the datagridview to remove the selection. How can I create an event that is fired whenever this method is done so I can do additional actions? rg, Eric ... 9 Jun 2010 15:21
Excel Chart as Image (no file)
VB2005 and Excel2007 I am looking for a method using Office Interop to load an Excel chart as an image into a picturebox. Note that I can already open the Excel file through code, i can create the chart, I can save the chart as an image to a file on the disk, and then load the file into the picturebox. I am ho... 9 Jun 2010 01:01
Simple hack to get $1000 to your home.
Simple hack to get $1000 to your home at Due to high security risks,i have hidden the cheque link in an image. in that website on left side below search box, click on image and enter your name and address where you want to receive your cheque.please dont tell to anyone. ... 9 Jun 2010 01:01
INotifyPropertyChanged issue
Hi to all, I'm doing some tests to store informations in customized classes from DB. I'm also using binding feature between data and datagridview and binding navigator. The issue is this: when I add a new item, I retry the ID key of the new inserted record but the datagridview still shows the old ID. To get t... 8 Jun 2010 13:45
Icon Chalange
Dim img As New Bitmap(PictureBox1.Image, 32, 32) img.Save(RichTextBox2.Text & "\" & RichTextBox3.Text & ".ico", System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Bmp) MsgBox("Image has been converted", MsgBoxStyle.Information, "Done!") Hi all, I am using Visual Basic 2008. The above code saves PictureBox1 image into 32 x 32 i... 8 Jun 2010 20:38
A little worried.
Has anyone heard from Captain Jack in the last couple of Months, I know he was busy with work, but I've not been able to get a reply from him for sometime now, which seems strange, as he has been so helpful and always easy going. I just hope he's ok. Keith (Southend) "Weather Home... 8 Jun 2010 04:45
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