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Move controls at runtime
Hi Guys I'm trying to get started on allowing the user move a button control around a Form. For example I have say 30 jobs to do. Each button is a job and clicking on it will reveal that job's details. The user wants not started jobs on the left of a Form, those in progress in the middle and completed on the r... 16 May 2010 07:02
Site for some reason, and forbidden
Site for some reason, and forbidden ... 7 May 2010 05:39
Download and upload on FTP with SSL
Hi, I am able to upload and download data on FTP without SSL connection but i want to do same FTP with SSL . Please help me . Thanks, Hemant ... 7 May 2010 02:25
How to work with Access 2003 in
Hi all, Is there a way to work with Access 2003 in, such as: 1. dynamically create a query from code and save it into Access? 2. cycle through the query definition as I would be able to using DAO? 3. change a query's SQL dynamically as condition changes based on parameters? 4. Deleting queries dy... 7 May 2010 08:56
how to draw irregular shape and calculate its surface?
Hello everybody, I load first some image in the picturebox. I would like to draw (with pressed mouse) a line in the picturebox making so an irregular shape and then to color this shape and finally to calculate how many pixel are there. So I could compare different shapes. How to make it? Thanks for your ideas!... 7 May 2010 02:25
ms sql # temp table - invalid object name in data source 2008 I have a MS SQL stored procedure that uses # temp tables in the following manner: create #counties (countyname varchar(20)) insert into #counties ...... select firstname, lastname, address from personlist pl inner join #counties c on pl.county = c.countyname A string of countys is passed into... 6 May 2010 23:09
Any willing to help with reportviewer control in web project?
I am having some issues with my project getting the reportviewer control to work. My report is tied to a dataset that has 3 table adapters that need parameters and I cannot seem to get the data into the parms. Thanks, Ty ... 6 May 2010 11:57
Outlook 2007--checking if a folder exists
I'm developing a VSTO addin and I'm coming to the part where I'm checking if a particular folder exists: Dim oTweetFolder As Outlook.MAPIFolder = ReadDefaultFolders.Folders("@" & m_twConn.AccountInformation.ScreenName) 'first run so we'll dynamically create the folders If oTweetFolder... 6 May 2010 09:40
Threading question - ensure execution of a block of code
Is there a way to protect a section of code so that all the statements in the protected block are executed without being interrupted by another thread? I have a worker thread that adds a value to an array (a circular buffer) then increments the array index. If the user clicks on a button of a form in the ma... 6 May 2010 02:02
A few basic questions for a newb coming from VB6
Hi All, Been away from programming for a while and just d/l'd the trial version of VS10 Pro and am playing around in VB. I've noticed more than a few differences between VB6 and VB10. That's OK though...we must evolve right? Here a few very basic things that have me stumped. I've looked in the document... 6 May 2010 13:05
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