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Print from console application
Hi I am trying to make my program send a page to a printer from my console application. I want to print the content of a string variable. I have tried the following to print from a text file: Dim myPrint as New PrintDocument myPrint.DocumentName="C:\temp\MyTextDocument.txt" myPrint.Print This works, but ... 30 May 2010 13:16
How to use Serial Port Component
Hi, In my old VB6 program I am controlling the shutter of a Digital camera through the serial port. I only needed this line to open the shutter: Open "COM1:9600,n,8,1,cd0,cs0,op0" For Random As #1 I am rewriting the program in (2010) and want to use the Serial Port Component. But I can't get it ... 31 May 2010 16:24
bindingSource.Position = ... doesn't change the current property.
Hello. I have bs as BindingSource When I do : bs.Position = 3. Current isn't changed to the position I gave. What should I do instead ? Thanks :) ... 29 May 2010 17:57
need help looping through string of names
I'm passing a string of county names from a SQL procedure to my code. I can set the string in whatever way needed but right now I passing it like this: "oakland","wayne","saginaw","houghton" Each county has " around it and they are separated by a comma. The variable for the string of counties... 29 May 2010 13:34
connect bindingSource to text object.
Hello. What is wrong of the following (the text has no data)? : Dim FBndDataTable As DataTable Dim FBndDataSource As BindingSource .... FBndDataSource = New BindingSource FBndDataSource.DataSource = DataTable .... Dim drv As DataRowView Dim dr As DataRow drv = FBndDataS... 29 May 2010 12:29
priority queue
Hi, I want to use a priority queue (with two numbers, one is a priority key) How to do or how to get the code somewhere? Thanks for any response. Regards ... 29 May 2010 10:17
Serialization problem
Hi, I was under the impression that with serialization I could transfer a block of data from one application to another. So I wrote a website where after the user had put in some data, it is put in a structure and that structure is serialized into a file. Then this file is emailed and the backend user reads ... 28 May 2010 07:09 2008 professional version question
I am basically new to 2008 working with the professional version. I have a solution to work with that has lots of projects in it with no documentation. I need to determine how this solution works. I know I would look in the properties to see what the startup project is. However after that, I was wonderin... 27 May 2010 18:11
best solution
Hi, I'm wondering what the best solution is for the following: I have a table with data and I need to show it to the user. But I want to show it in a sorted way like: Customername Site number Artikelnumber | Serial number | description Artikelnumber | Serial number ... 28 May 2010 03:56
When is pinning required?
I have a legacy C dll that I call from VB .net, and I'm unsure about when pinning is necessary. The called functions in the dll run on a worker thread. The case I am worried about is an array of doubles. I have an array 'dim x(10) as double'. I call a C function with x(0) passed byref, and the C function ex... 28 May 2010 09:20
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