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Scheduling unattended jobs on workstation
Hi Is XP's own Task Scheduler robust and reliable enough to run custom jobs (both 32-bit and 16-bit apps or batch files calling them)? Would I be better off with a 3rd-party product? If so, which one? This will be used on a workstation that has a user logged in and running unattended 24x7. TIA, Eugene ... 14 May 2010 18:20
XP gets hung up in "Windows is shutting down"
Whenever I shut down or restart, all the programs close nicely then the blue screen comes up "Windows is shutting down". But it gets stuck there and the only way I can shut down is manually. Most annoying. I like to restart then go away and come back with a fresh reboot. Now it gets stuck. ... 21 May 2010 19:28
Numbering on spread sheet
Greetings; I am using XP and Works Suite 2003. I have made a spread sheet listing a number of items. Instead of starting at #1 it starts at #6. I realise I did it, but how can I change the numbering so it is numerically correct? I want it to start at #1. Thanks very much. James ... 15 May 2010 20:17
Unknown Device: how to figure out what is that?
Hello, Recently I did clean install of Windows XP plus all updates and SP3. Windows setup did not automatically install the hardware devices such as video, audio and modem except the network card which was installed OK. I have found the missing drivers on Compaq website and installed them successful... 14 May 2010 17:14
MS Outlook 2003 - "Open in Microsoft Excel 11"
Using Outlook 2003, I have an excel table in an email. Trying to get "Open in Microsoft Excel 11" by right clicking. Not working on current computer. Worked fine on previous computer. How do I activate this feature? This is taken from "A guide to Microsoft office 2003", Open in Microsoft Excel 11 command ... 16 May 2010 11:21
Windows XP boot problem
Hi, I have a Del netbook which is loaded with Windows XP. I've not had need to use the netbook for about a fortnight and on trying to boot it up today I find that I cannot get past the boot screen ( the screen that has the MS Flag and the words "Microsoft Windows XP" and below these a scroll bar). The scroll ... 6 Jun 2010 08:21
Best Backup Program
I am looking for recommendations on the best backup program available. My workstation is currently running XP PRO/SP3, but may eventually upgrade to Windows 7, so compatability with both is a plus. I would like the ability to mirror my main c: drive to a bootable external drive. I would like to be able to ba... 10 Jun 2010 17:56
Relative position of QuickLaunch and TaskBar
In my WinMe, I have a single-height TaskBar above a double-height QuickLaunch Bar. I thought this should also be possible in WinXp, but if I try to move the two-line-QuickLaunch bar below the TaskBar, the TaskBar takes up two lines (with the lower one empty) and so pushes the bottom line of QuickLaunch out of view be... 9 May 2010 14:20
Two IP addresses how do I copy one huge file...
.... using the faster ethernet port? The faster port is using cat 5 wire connecting at 1 gb whereas the other one is wifi running at less than 50 mb. The file I want to transfer is 4 GB large. Thanks. ... 18 May 2010 03:51
How to firewall one program only?
I'd like to prevent one program .exe (eg. myprogram.exe) from accessing or being accessed to and from the Internet. I'm using Windows XP SP3. I'd rather not use a full blown software app though (like Norton or McAffee) since I already have a firewall in my router which unfortunately can only block entire domain n... 9 May 2010 15:26
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