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Control of ATI events
I have found that if I set hibernate time at 1 hour, then overnight it goes to hibernate and gives no error messages in 'Events'. But if I set hibernate at 2 hours, it never goes to hibernate, and the reason is in the Event Log: Two events occur periodically. One is Service Control Manager being called, every ... 17 Mar 2010 11:23
Microsoft Security suite/Windows Defender
Hi Should one uninstall Windows Defender before installing Microsoft Security suite or would Window Defender compliment the Security suite? Thanks. XP home, IE8 ... 13 Mar 2010 16:30
External Drive (USB) Not Recognized
I have XP SP3 and have attached an external drive via a USB cord. While the system tray shows "New Device has been added to your system", when I go to My Computer all that I see is the C:\ drive. No external drive. Any recommendations before I get a new drive? Thanks (B^>)-]=[ ... 12 Mar 2010 13:56
ati2 events
I wonder if anyone can offer an understandable explanation for the error shown by the following event: Event Type: Error Event Source: ati2mtag Event Category: CRT Event ID: 45062 Date: 3/11/2010 Time: 6:50:12 AM User: N/A Computer: COMPAQ-2006 Description: CRT invalid display type Data: 0000: 00 00 0... 12 Mar 2010 08:20
Wireless Conundrum
Trying wireless connection in home using laptop that has WinXP SP3 active and a Dell Wireless 1370 card. Have good wireless signal (54MB) after setup each day. Find at restart computer in Run/services.msc always has Windows Zero Configuration as Automatic but not Started. Seems turning computer off takes it ou... 11 Mar 2010 04:34
Backing up large amounts
Can you recomend a backup service that will take large amounts of data to start? I actually don't need to back up a lot on any day but I have a lot of data, several hundred gb worth. I add to this here and there. ... 11 Mar 2010 02:24
I THINK I figured it out (not sure)
thanx "Jose" <jose_ease(a)> wrote in message news:78a341b8-3c6f-46de-b8f0-d68e72179244(a) On Mar 6, 12:07 pm, Robert <readydougREMOVEERM...(a)> wrote: Hello I purchased a used Dell D620 laptop a few months ago. It is working fine except for the last few days. I ... 11 Mar 2010 01:19
Accepting internet appointment (iC) in Outlook Xp Home
following Hi When I try to accept a internet appointment and post it to Outlook Calenda (2000) I get the folllowing error message: can't open: c\documents and settings\username\local settings\temporary internet files. This is a recent development; what is causing it and how do I fix it? Thanks. ... 10 Mar 2010 17:35
Desktop Backgrounds- Have lost the ability to load, install and display additional images
When I browse to an image I would like to use for a desktop select it and click it will not load or display in the Display Properties dialog box nor will it display on the desktop. I have even tried by coping selected images into the C:\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper, which I have done before, they are still not displa... 10 Mar 2010 13:06
repair a windows installation from within ANOTHER installation
Ok I hope that I am explaining this correctly: I had an issue with windows xp, and I wanted to repair it, but for some reason my disc (dont ask why) didnt give me a choice of repairing the windows I just installed another copy (now c: \windows.1 lets say) I dont want to go through the hassle of... 11 Mar 2010 07:49
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